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Property Services Testimonials

Gause House, Owner

The shower in my beach house wouldn't turn off at about ten o'clock at night. I called Garden City Realty emergency maintenance. David Rakentine came out within fifteen minutes. He has great manners and tried to make my friend and me as comfortable as possible while he worked to fix the streaming water. He cut off the water to work but cut it on as soon as possible so we wouldn't be without water. Because he needed parts he had to come back the next day to complete the job. I was at ease and confident with him in the house while we were out. He is an outstanding technician. I'm grateful that he was sent to my house. Thank you, Mr. Rakentine.

Paul L.
Best supervisors I've ever had.

Great place to work. Everyone is cheerful and helpful. They go out of their way to supply everything you need to complete your assignments. Best supervisors I've ever had.

Carolyn M.
Can’t wait to get back

I have never worked for anyone who appreciated my work so much. I have also never got a bonus after just four weeks. I am going away for a couple months but I can’t wait to get back and go back to work for Garden City Realty.

Gause House, Owner
He's a hard worker who knows his stuff

Chris O'Neal has recently done some very good work at my house: painting the front porch and steps, fixing a running toilet, adding a new shower head and more. He's a hard worker who knows his stuff and I appreciate his hard work and good nature. Garden City Realty has a good maintenance team led by Robby Shaw. Chris is a nice person to have working in my home.

Teresa B.
Great company

I've enjoyed my work experience this summer I enjoyed cleaning 2 summers ago. I hope to continue working with this great company

Joseph H.
Feel like family!

I can't remember any place of employment that has treated its employees with more class and dignity than GC Realty. I really appreciate our time together. Thanks for making me feel like family!

One Ocean Place 1102, Owner

Vicky is amazing and always responsive. I hesitated to rate the maintenance staff better than in 2018 because we have always been very satisfied, and “better” seems to say otherwise. Dan is great.

My Two Bouys, Owner

GCR Maintenance Staff is absolutely wonderful!! As an owner, I lean on this staff often and they always come through. Always professional and do the job right the first time. Very Thankful for Sarah Lauren and Robbie and all of the staff.

Grey Goose, Owner
The GCR team goes out of their way...

I can’t say enough positive things about the team at Garden City Realty. After having my house off the rental market for a few years, I had lost my base of loyal renters and was concerned that it would take some time to get decent income again, especially with a new management company. Add that I was late in my decision to list, missing a large part of the traditional marketing season, and doing it all in the midst of a pandemic…

 Ashley and the team took all of my worries away, assisting with needed property repairs, establishing new annual service contracts, and arranging for an expert photoshoot. I knew I had made the right decision when my first bookings were confirmed within the first two weeks of listing. In the end, every week I made available for booking was rented, and all at published rates. The GCR maintenance team ensured a stress-free experience, helping me prepare the house for the season, responding to any renter need, and ensuring that I returned to a property that looked exactly as I had left it. The GCR team goes out of their way to assist in anything requested – from service calls to package receipt and delivery. And they do it all with a smile. Couldn’t have survived the 2020 season without them.

Tammie T.
Best company to work for!

Best company to work for! love them!!

Sheldon B.
Great to work for.

Wonderful staff and great to work for.

ZJ's Retreat, Owner

We have been property owners with Garden City Realty for over four years now and we couldn't be happier. I want to single out the Maintenance team in this review. Being out of town owners, it is wonderful to know that any repair issues will be taken care of, the job will be done well and at an affordable price. Mr. Shaw and the entire team has been nothing short of spectacular in their ability to go above and beyond while also being so patient and kind in all interactions. We are so thankful to have them taking care of us and our house.

Jay H.
Professional and easy to work with.

My wife and I are renting Horizon East 101 for awhile until we move into a house in Georgetown. We absolutely love the condo and want to thank Lauren Simmons for making it happen and also a shout out to the maintenance crew whom have come over to fix some minor details. Everyone we've dealt with have been professional and easy to work with.

Hakuna Matata, Owner
Exceptional Service

I can honestly say, my experience with Garden City Realty has been nothing short of exceptional. Ashley and the Owner Services team, maintenance, and housekeeping have done an outstanding job managing and maintaining my oceanfront beach house. As a first-time vacation rental property owner, I have been very pleased with the bookings, revenue, and maintenance performed on the house. Even with the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, the team came up with a great plan and pulled through with an impressive number of bookings. I couldn’t ask for a better team to protect my investment.

Laney J.
Working with Garden City is great!

Working with Garden City is great! There are lots of super nice people that work there. They are always will to help quickly with any issues that may arise.

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