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Dog-Friendly Property Agreement

Garden City Realty has a limited number of properties that are dog-friendly. Before booking a reservation verify if the property permits dogs. Unless specifically stated in the description of the property, pets are not allowed. Should a guest violate this policy they will be asked to provide proof of boarding for the pet for the remainder of the vacation stay and will be assessed a fee of not less than $350 per pet; will forfeit any coverage afforded by the waiver of the security deposit, and will be held liable for any damages resulting from the presence of the pet(s) for up to 90 days after their departure.

Garden City Realty loves when four-legged guests visit.

However, to ensure our dog-friendly properties are well-maintained during their visit with us, guests staying at these properties are required to acknowledge and agree to Garden City Realty's dog-friendly policy. After your reservation has been confirmed you will receive our dog-friendly policy agreement, which you are required to fill out and return prior to your arrival.

It's also a good time to let us know if you, or a member of your family, have pet allergies. If so, it's very important that we immediately find a more suitable home for you and your party.

Unless otherwise noted, Garden City Realty's dog-friendly policy specifies a two-dog limit per participating property. We strictly enforce a 70-pound maximum weight limit when bringing one dog, and a 50-pound maximum weight limit per dog when bringing two. Select properties may further limit the size or number of dogs allowed.

Emotional support, therapy, and comfort dogs are restricted to dog-friendly homes only.

Our dog-friendly properties agreement is as follows:

  1. Guests who bring a dog(s) are required to provide the dog's name, age, breed, and weight upon request.
  2. Dogs must be at least 16 months old (no puppies), on routine flea treatment, and renter must be able to provide an up-to-date rabies vaccination record.
  3. Failure to abide by Garden City Realty's guidelines or disclose the presence of a dog will result in the dog being removed from the property and boarded at the pet owner’s expense for the duration of the reservation. Proof of such boarding will be required. No other pets allowed.
  4. Guests must acknowledge they have read and understood the following:

    • The guest(s) agrees that they are always responsible for the maintenance of the described pet, and agree to keep their pet under control at all times. Leashes are required by law in Horry and Georgetown counties. Dogs must not be left unattended at the property unless crated.
    • The guest(s) agrees that their dog(s) are housebroken. Guests are responsible for the cleanup of any pet refuse in the interior or exterior of the property.
    • The reservation holder agrees to immediately pay for any damages, loss, or expense relating to excess cleaning (including carpet and furniture), repairs, or necessary flea treatments. There is no coverage provided by the waiver of a security deposit for pet-related damages.

Garden City Realty reserves the right to ask follow-up questions regarding your pet and if deemed necessary, inspect the property for damages during your stay.