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Meet Our Team

Jackie Alston Jackie Alston Guest Services Vacation Specialist
Jessy Angus Jessy Angus Owner Services Coordinator, Licensed Property Manager
Cathy Autrey Cathy Autrey Guest Services Vacation Specialist
Kalli Badger Kalli Badger Maintenance Admin Coordinator
Bob Biron Bob Biron Guest Services Vacation Specialist
Ricky Cheeks Ricky Cheeks Maintenance Technician
Sirron Sirron "Mel" Collins Laundry Lead
Danielle Corbett Danielle Corbett Guest Services Manager
Maria Coshin Maria Coshin Laundry Manager
Virginia Culp Virginia Culp Social Media and Visual Communications Coordinator
Dan DeFreest Dan DeFreest Maintenance Technician
Devon Deines Devon Deines Guest Services Supervisor
Jody Denny Jody Denny Guest Services Vacation Specialist
Ashley Dixon, REALTOR Ashley Dixon, REALTOR Owner Services Manager
Sara-Lauren Dozier Sara-Lauren Dozier Surf Master by the Sea Manager, Licensed Property Manager
Tim Ebert Tim Ebert Maintenance Manager
Tonya Eclebery Tonya Eclebery Housekeeping Supervisor
Richard Galloway Richard Galloway Digital Communications Specialist
Robin Green Robin Green Guest Services Vacation Specialist
Kendra Grimmett Kendra Grimmett Housekeeping Manager
Maggie Hardee Maggie Hardee Surf Master by the Sea Housekeeping Supervisor
Brad Hatoway Brad Hatoway Director of Operations
Sydney Holder Sydney Holder Guest Services Vacation Specialist
Robin Horne Robin Horne Communications and Marketing Administrative Assistant
Gearre Hudgins Gearre Hudgins Accounting Director
Caitlin Johnson Caitlin Johnson Housekeeping Supervisor
Lauren Keith Lauren Keith Guest Services Supervisor
Ariah Lindblade Ariah Lindblade Human Resources Coordinator
Pam McAuley Pam McAuley Guest Services Vacation Specialist
Drew McElveen Drew McElveen Broker-in-Charge, Rentals
Timothy Morse Timothy Morse Systems Administrator
Jessica Nicosia Jessica Nicosia Multi-Media Marketing Intern
Julie Mullins Julie Mullins Housekeeping Supervisor
Chris O'Neal Chris O'Neal Maintenance Technician
John Perkoski John Perkoski Maintenance Technician
David Rakentine David Rakentine Maintenance Supervisor
Kimberly Raley-Kimes Kimberly Raley-Kimes Communications and Marketing Manager
Heidi Spencer Heidi Spencer Owner Services Coordinator, Licensed Property Manager
Leslie Summerford, REALTOR Leslie Summerford, REALTOR Owner Services Coordinator
Alicia Valesey Alicia Valesey Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Ashlie Wetmore Ashlie Wetmore Accountant