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The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages when comparing services provided by local property management companies versus online companies. For many homeowners the prospect of renting their own property is quite alluring. You take bookings directly from travelers without paying a fee or commission to a rental company – sounds easy right? According to Vacation Rental By Owner reviews, an overwhelming majority of homeowners say they get better results when choosing a professionally-managed vacation rental company like Garden City Realty to rent their property. See below for key differences.

Digital Marketing

Garden City Realty's strategic marketing strategy targets our growing audience of present and past guests as well as potential guests. This includes advertisements via search engines, Email, and more.

Social Media Management

Garden City Realty utilizes a number of social media accounts as well as  YouTube and our Blog to promote our vacation rentals, connect with our audience, build our brand, capture leads, and drive Website traffic. 

Property Inspections
Garden City Realty’s staff of inspectors check every property after they have been cleaned by our staff, and prior to guest check-in.
Personalized Check-In Experience
That friendly voice you spoke with while making your reservation over the phone might just be the Vacation Specialist who checks you in when you arrive. 
Constant Revenue Management
Active rate management is key when attempting to maximize revenue. Flexibility with managing rates helps owners avoid missing out on bookings.
In-House Housekeeping
The Property Services staff is backed by an amazing maintenance and housekeeping team. Together, they make sure our properties remain well cared for and presented in meticulous fashion. Trained housekeepers carry out consistent cleaning measures that meet or exceed all CDC guidelines.
In-House Maintenance
Garden City Realty has a highly-skilled in-house maintenance team capable of performing basic services on your property. 
Linen Services
We take care of everything: supplying your vacation rental with plenty of bedding and towels, changing out linens between guests, laundering them, and ordering new items when you need them.
Personalized Owner Representative
Our Owner Services department takes care of each homeowner's individual needs. From answering questions, reserving owner and owner guest stays, reviewing owner statements, and handling a variety of other special requests. 
Monthly Accounting
Once every month, a statement of your account will be mailed to you. Your statement and a summary of your rentals will be mailed no later than the tenth of each month.
Year-End Accounting
At the end-of-the-year, an annual statement of your account will be mailed to you for filing your rental income. 
Afterhours Assistance
Garden City Realty offers 24-hour emergency care on-call assistance to all guests and property owners. Our dedicated team of locals is better equipped to answer specific questions about your vacation rental because we have been in every one of our properties.
Local/Knowledgeable Staff
Our staff has expert knowledge of all of our vacation properties, including specific information about location, furnishings, and amenities. We can also give local tips on things to do in the area, events, and other questions you may have. 
Interior Design Referral
Refresh your property with the help of our interior design referral. We work with local design experts to create the perfect space for your guests. 
Online Bookings
Guests can choose between personal toll-free or 24/7 online booking.
Professional Photography
Professional photography allows guests to see an accurate representation of your property. At Garden City Realty, all of our properties are advertised with an image slideshow and a virtual tour. 
Distribution Partners
Our distribution partners make it possible to reach millions of additional traveling families as they are planning their vacations. They connect directly with our reservation software and provide a real-time availability calendar to allow for immediate bookings 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Owner Portal for Backend Access
The owner portal allows property owners with easy access to some of your property's information. Owners can view property availability on a calendar, see an overview of their property's performance, send messages to our Owner Services team, and view any message history.
Damage Waiver
Your peace of mind is important to us. That’s why we include a damage waiver fee with each reservation. Aside from common wear and tear to the property and/or its contents, compensation for damages that occur as a result of willful neglect, intentional abuse, or violate Garden City Realty's families only policy are the responsibility of the occupying guests. Provisions for reported accidental damages are made possible within the damage waiver fee. 
Direct Deposit
The closing date for statements is the last day of each month. You will be paid via direct deposit or live check for guests who checked-out within that month. The statement will show income minus management fees and any repairs or paid utilities.
On-Call & Afterhours Vendor Selection
Our vendors are not in-house and response time is critical. We use outside vendors and contractors when a repair or replacement is beyond the scope of what our in-house maintenance team manages. Garden City Realty works with a select group of vendors with whom we've built solid relationships. This is particularly important when guests call with an emergency. Your property will be kept in superior condition with the aid of the best highly qualified vendors.
Vendor Advantage
The relationships we have with our vendors are built on trust. Working with our preferred vendors simplifies the maintenance and repair process at your rental property.  We continue to use them and they continue to do great work for us. Another benefit of this relationship is that they understand our properties and they’re aware of things that may need attention. They’ll let our team know if something doesn’t look right and we can respond right away.
Quick Access to Previous Years Rental History
Need quick access to last year's rental income? No worries. Our Owner Services team is happy to provide you with that information. A service you won't find available with third-party booking sites.
Required Local & State Taxes Collected & Paid as Required by Law
In South Carolina, short-term rentals are subject to state and local sales tax as well as accommodations tax. With Garden City Realty, property owners don't need to worry about collecting and remitting those taxes to local and state authorities - we collect and pay those taxes for you.