Our Best Price Guarantee

When you book directly with Garden City Realty, we offer you the Best Price Guarantee which means you'll always get the lowest price Online.

In order to maintain the highest level of quality control, all properties featured on our Website are exclusively managed by Garden City Realty. While we also advertise our vacation rentals on a variety of industry Websites (to give our homeowners maximum exposure to optimize their rentals), many of these sites charge an additional booking or traveler fee (up to as much as $499).

We do not charge these Traveler Booking fees.

That's why we encourage our guests to book directly with us and avoid these unnecessary fees. We offer the same security, convenience, and policies but by booking direct you can save time and money. This is just one of the ways we work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction with your Garden City Realty experience.

We greatly appreciate our guests and want you to have the best vacation experience with us. We always want you to get the best value you can on our vacation rentals. So, book direct on our Website at GardenCityRealty.com, contact us, or call us at 877-767-7737.

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