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Maximize Your Revenue

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Aside from caring for and maintaining your property, one of our biggest goals is to maximize the revenue potential on your property. Below you will find suggestions to consider that we've found successful with our experience.

Dog-Friendly Properties

Between 37-47 percent of Americans own a dog. In a survey completed by TripAdvisor, 53 percent of respondents travel with their pets. Owners can accommodate a new type of clientele when they offer this highly sought out amenity.

Renovate Your Property

It has been proven time and time again, guests expect a product equivalent to or better than what they have at home. We can help facilitate the renovation process and ease the burden of working with contractors from afar.

Generate Repeat Business

Impression management is everything. Our professional staff will help you get the most bang for your buck when investing in your property each year. Quality accommodations drive repeat business.

Maintain a Well-Equipped Kitchen

Maintaining a well-equipped kitchen is key. The primary reason guests choose a vacation rental is the ability to cook and share a meal together.

Rate Management

Active rate management is key when attempting to maximize revenue. Flexibility with managing rates helps owners avoid missing out on bookings.

Capitalize on Amenities

Make sure you are taking advantage of the amenities you can offer to guests. Suggestions include smart televisions, high-end electronics, stainless steel appliances, and other modern amenities.

Professional Photography

Professional photography allows guests to see an accurate representation of your property. At Garden City Realty, all of our properties are advertised with an image slideshow and a virtual tour. The virtual tour allows guests the ability to "walk-through" your property without having to do so in person.