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Micah McCord

Owner Services Manager, Licensed Property Manager

Phone: 843-652-4021
Fax: 843-651-7892

In August 2022, he joined Garden City Realty's Owner Services team as a Coordinator. He obtained his property management license in October 2022. He holds a BA in Human Resource Management from Coastal Carolina University and is a former Operations Director with Chick-fil-A in Murrells Inlet. 

Originally from Anderson, SC, Micah moved to the Grand Strand area with his family in 2005 when he was nine. Micah serves in the Children's Ministry at New Spring Church in Myrtle Beach and helped to lead the church's New Serve program. 

In his free time, Micah's favorite thing to do is fishing. "I love anything on the water, from kayaking in the ocean to wakeboarding in the river; I love being on the water." Additionally, he loves camping, hiking, and going to the mountains with his grandpa.