Virtual Learning and Remotely Working at the Beach

Life is looking a bit different this Fall—especially as we continue to navigate social distancing. This means that you may find yourself in a distance working or learning position, unsure of how to make the best of it. Although it’s easy to see the frustration in isolation, there’s also the new-found option of remote learning! With the ability to log in from everywhere, why not do it by the beach?

Working by the beach has many benefits, and I mean more than perfecting your tan! First of all, coastal breezes have been known for their rejuvenating qualities. The minerals in the sea air help promote respiratory health as well as stimulate the immune system. This is especially important to be mindful of during this time. It also can help your body absorb oxygen and balance serotonin levels! So, working ocean side will have your mind and body strong enough to power through all of those meetings and readings. 

It’s also smart to change up your environment. After living a life that included a daily commute to the office or classroom, you may be missing the routine of simply getting out of the house. Changing up locations could be just what your brain needs to boost productivity. Plus, there’s the added serenity of logging in with the ocean waves and a perfect sunrise.

When studying remotely, you could also use the occasion to discover local histories and attractions. This is great for families looking for an exciting “field trip” to take their kids on. Immersive learning experiences are typically memorable ones and, thankfully, the Grand Strand is home to many outdoor nature reserves and historic landmarks! Taking a break after pesky, everyday tasks can be a good reward system, too.

In order to have your-remote-beach-office dreams come true, you need a reliable location for your distance learning. This means clean, quiet, and most importantly, hooked up to Wi-Fi! Thankfully, Garden City Realty has a search feature to browse properties that feature internet. You’ll know before you even book a location if it can support the kind of work you have, and we have plenty of options. Rentals are also available for partial week bookings, three-week bookings, or even monthly options—if you’re looking to stay awhile! But, we have a feeling that once you realize the joys of virtual learning and working at the beach, you won’t want to leave.

– By Olivia Dimatteo, blog contributor for Garden City Realty

As you navigate through changes in routine this fall with virtual learning and working from home, remember that Garden City Realty offers affordable homes and condos with Wi-Fi and other private amenities. Take advantage of our low rates and look forward to a change of scenery as you adapt to new habits. The weather is still warm and the beaches are less crowded – the perfect opportunity to explore the outdoors, engage your children, and learn new things.

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