Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Are you feeling trapped in the house on a rainy day? Even though the weather seems bad, there are still plenty of things to enjoy during a summer storm! Here’s a list of rainy-day activities for a gray afternoon:

If you’re vacationing, you might’ve had a few long days in the sun. This is the perfect time to refresh and relax so that you are ready to go tomorrow. For now, curl up and enjoy a movie marathon with friends or family. Maybe even make it a pajama party! Pick a series or a few different favorites and get ready for a cozy afternoon. You could always play board games, work on a puzzle, or get crafty, too. Any way you choose, the quiet, quality time will be just what you need.

As a bonus, making snacks is a fun pre-activity. Everyone can choose a favorite and make enough to share. It’ll be fun for each person to have a say and it will be less work for you. Bake some cookies, pop a bowl of popcorn, and settle down in front of the T.V. to enjoy!

If you feel like getting out and exploring the area, you could take today to see some of Myrtle Beach’s indoor attractions. Ripley’s Aquarium is perfect for family and the day promises to be both educational and exciting! From the Amazon exhibit, filled with piranhas, to Rainbow Rock, a colorful reef environment, there is something for everyone. The aquarium is also known for its glide path through the Dangerous Reef—with sharks and sea turtles swimming all around you! Make sure you don’t miss the Discovery Center with touch-friendly animals or feeding time at Ray Bay, either.

If you’re in the mood for shopping instead, Myrtle Beach has a few cool spots for finding the right outfits. Coastal Grand Mall is the largest indoor mall in South Carolina. You can walk around, window-shop, and stop at the food court. After hitting the mall, you may want to dine at a local restaurant. You’ll have extra time to get ready and won’t have to worry about beach hair from spending the day in the waves. You’ll be safe from the weather and have plenty of time to bond at the dinner table.

Instead of feeling stuck in-doors, you can still enjoy your vacation with these rainy-day tips.

– By Olivia Dimatteo, blog contributor for Garden City Realty

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