Keeping the Sand AT the Beach

Everyone loves a fun and relaxing day at the beach but cleaning up afterward can be kind of a hassle. Here are some tips for keeping sand AT the beach and out of your car and home.

First, choose your gear wisely. Although a towel is easier to carry around, they tend to hold a lot of sand. Keep towels for drying off and opt for sitting shore-side on a chair. Not only can you rinse them off, but the sand won’t cling to them in the first place. If you still want to flat surface to lay on, consider bringing a fitted sheet! You can hold the four corners down with your cooler and other objects. With this hack, you can achieve a more sand-free sanctuary to begin with.

You should also think about what you’re carrying your beach gear in. If may seem that even a week after your trip, your beach tote has a huge pile of sand in the bottom, no matter how many times you shake it out. Instead, try to find a big, mesh bag for buckets and shovels. When you’re packing up, you can give the bag a shake and let the sand fall through all the holes. Less sand will travel with you as you head out!

Encourage everybody to rinse really well! It may feel like its slowing you down when you’re ready to head home for the evening, but this step is extremely necessary. Taking a quick dip in the waves or spraying off in an outdoor shower will save a lot of cleaning up time later. You can also catch it before anyone enters your house by having a hose ready for when the family gets home. Everyone has to rinse off before they can go inside! Another quick “hack” for cleaning sand off of the skin is baby powder! Sprinkling it on hands and feet will help the sand fall right off—without the mess of water.

Lastly, try to confine the sand. For the car, you can lay a sheet down prior to loading up at the end of the day. This way you can pull it out later and shake, without having to vacuum. In the home, pick an area for beach unloading. This can be the laundry room, porch, backyard, etc. Kids and family members should change here to keep the sand in one spot.

These little tricks can save you from a sandy mess and make your beach day even more enjoyable!

– By Olivia Dimatteo, blog contributor for Garden City Realty

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