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Have you been considering a fun way to get the whole family together? Not only is Myrtle Beach ranked as one of the top vacation spots, but it is also a favorite for planning that perfect family reunion you’ve been hoping for. Located just south of Myrtle Beach are two popular destinations, Surfside Beach and Garden City Beach, both of which are loved for the family-friendly atmosphere. Although planning a family reunion can be a stressful task, consider these tips for handling opinions, juggling different requirements, and keeping the whole family happy.

One of the most important things to planning a family reunion is to start early and plan efficiently. As everyone is running on different schedules, you’ll want to have a designated group chat to include everyone in the planning process. Consider making a private Facebook group for the event that way everyone can chat and offer their input. You’ll want to start this process as early as possible, even a year in advance! Once you have everyone on the same page, it is a good idea to recruit some helpers. Designate one person to lodge, another to food, another to entertainment. It is always more stressful trying to juggle everything on your own, so gather some people you can trust and split the work!

Does the idea of planning a family reunion and finding lodging accommodations sound a little scary? Let’s face it, not every family is the same. Some families want to spend as much time together as possible, others may want the pleasure of being in the same area but maybe not the same house. At Garden City Realty, our vacation specialists are able to help you find the right property, or properties, that will suit your family’s needs. We have a wide selection of rental properties on or by the beach to create your perfect trip to the Carolina coast. Surf Master by the Sea offers one to three-bedroom spacious rentals with immaculate views of the water, this complex features two pools and hot tubs! For a more budget-friendly option, check out the units at the Beach House for two-bedroom units with oceanfront or side-view options. Planning the space this way allows your family to stay together while providing a little extra privacy for a peaceful vacation experience. If you want a more cohesive vibe, consider renting a large home or both sides of a duplex for even more space. For example, 1906 South Waccamaw is a lovely second-row property that features a pool and private bathrooms for all six bedrooms! Whether you are looking for condos or a beach home, Garden City Realty manages approximately 400 properties, and we are here to help you narrow down your search. Click here to begin your search, or call one of our Vacation Specialists at our toll-free number 800-395-5930. 

When planning entertainment, Myrtle Beach has plenty to offer. With family fun around every corner, the options are endless. If you want to stick by your rental and not worry about having to travel around, plan a day to spend on the beach. There is plenty of space to throw around a football or take family photos for memories that will last forever. You can also rally everyone together for a trip to the boardwalk to take advantage of the various rides and great local activities. Don’t forget to check out the fun mini-golfing spots, it’s kind of a Myrtle Beach specialty! Trying to figure out how you are going to feed everyone? Plan ahead with reservations on days you plan to eat out to avoid the long wait times, or perhaps create a menu that features items the entire family will enjoy. Either way, this helps you budget in advance! Ask everyone to submit their favorite recipes and create a poll for which ones everyone wants to try. This helps keep responsibilities equal among everyone when it comes to cooking, encourages great stories around the table, and would make a cool new tradition for the family. Of course, you’ll want to stock up on snacks and leave some nights open to check out the yummy local restaurants you pass by in the area.

Lastly, we encourage you to consider speaking to a professional. Garden City Realty has plenty of accommodations and resources to make your family reunion the one you’ve dreamed of. We are in-house, local experts and we enjoy helping our guests to find the perfect place for their vacation to the Garden City Beach and Surfside areas.

–  By Olivia Dimatteo, blog contributor for Garden City Realty

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