Top Outdoor Amenities to Include in a Beach Rental

1. Pool and/or Hot Tub
Although it is one of the pricier things to install, several people are in search of a pool or hot tub to be included at their beach rental. Guests want to have the option of swimming in the ocean or coming back and relaxing by the pool. Plus, on average homeowners see a higher return on investment if their rental includes access to a pool or hot tub.

2. A Grill 

It’s summertime, you are enjoying the warm afternoons outside and what better way to bring the family together than to grill and play games outside. When thinking about summer cooking people often think about grilled foods which is why it is important to provide an upgraded, or well-kept, grill at a rental. In the past, we have had guests decide against a rental because it did not feature a grill.

3. Upgraded Outdoor Furniture/ Outdoor Space to Socialize

Taking the time to design an outdoor space is worth it in the long run. In South Carolina, the weather is beautiful for most of the year and the best way to enjoy it is in the comfort of a personally designed outdoor area. Picture relaxing in the warm evening with your family and friends, deciding to sit outside while the sun is setting. Now in this does your fantasy include low priced, plastic chairs? Or how about cushioned outdoor seating decorated with outdoor strings lights and a fire pit? Spending the money to improve your outdoor seating area will impress renters!

4. Providing Beach Supplies

Let’s face it, when traveling it can be difficult to pack the car with all the items you will need for your beach stay. Knowing your beach rental will provide beach items is a life-saver! Guests want to see all sorts of items already at the rental such as beach chairs, towels, umbrellas, coolers, bodyboards, and more. Plus, if a guest didn’t plan for the items to be provided but find it when they arrive they will be pleasantly surprised! Guests will appreciate not having to run around to the beach stores and buy items that they likely will not use again for another year.

5. Outdoor Games

A great way to add something extra to your vacation rental home is to provide outdoor games. Games such as cornhole, volleyball, can jam, and more provides a great way to encourage renters to create lasting memories at your rental and encourage them to book again.

–  By Alicia Valesey, Communications and Marketing Coordinator for Garden City Realty

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