Decoration Ideas, Bring Garden City Beach Back to Your Home.

When you think of your “happy place,” where do you go? For some, it may be the cozy mountains or the posh city, but for those of us who consider ourselves “beach people,” it’s the sand and surf that make us smile. The tranquility that comes from the lull of the waves, the simple blues and tans that make up an open seascape, and the overall smell of salt in the air is something we wish we could have all the time. So, let’s bring the beach inside, to another happy place: your home.

Decorating your home with beachy design aspects can be just as serene and calming as the real thing or just as fun and exciting! Picture your perfect design scheme first. Do you enjoy the colors of driftwood and sea glass or do you find the high-energy nautical vibe more exciting? Whichever route you want to take, make it yours.
If you’re looking to tie in some more natural aspects, find furniture made of driftwood or DIY your own! Unfinished wood really brings the outside in and gives the impression of a soft, beachy space. Big, chunky rope can also be a fun decoration tool. Tie some thick sailor knots and hang them up on a statement wall. You can mix in some small oceanic prints or white shells and starfish. You’ll want to keep everything in the pastel range, especially while incorporating some muted blues. Not only has the color blue been proven to have calming effects on the body, but it automatically mimics the airiness of the beach.
If you’re looking to go a bit bolder with your design, still start with the basic blue, but this time take it up a notch with varying shades of navy. This will look like the naval uniforms sported by tried and true sailors. You can also have fun with contrasting colors like pops of yellow or red. This more-so resembles a bustling port filled with maritime fun! You can add some realistic touches here too! An up-cycled surfboard or a set of antiqued oars could be great in your space. You can almost hear the seagulls!
For both designs, focus on the overall ambiance. You’ll want to keep it light and airy to mirror the real thing. As a final touch, light a salty, sandalwood candle and take a deep breath—it almost smells like the real thing!

–  By Olivia Dimatteo, blog contributor for Garden City Realty

A great way to bring the beach home is to do exactly as it sounds. The next time you are at Garden City Beach or a different location you are vacationing, collect some sand and small shells from the beach to display in a glass bowl of your choosing. The shells will look lovely accompanied by a vibrant blue glass vase and starfish to tie it all together.

Remember, the beach does not have to be a once a year event. Bring the beach home this year and leave everyone in awe with how serene your home will look.

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