A Spin on Classic Thanksgiving Dishes

Thanksgiving is a holiday all about tradition. We remember the pilgrims and native Americans that came together to commence a budding nation, but we also remember the moments we come together as family and friends. This year let’s celebrate with some new recipes, some that remember the traditions of Thanksgiving past, but toast to a new, changing year. With these twists on the expected, you may never go back!

Let’s start with one of the tried-and-true sides, cranberry sauce. Instead of plopping it out of a can, you can make a fresh Cabernet cranberry and blueberry sauce in just 30 minutes! This recipe calls for fresh cranberries, frozen blueberries, wine, sugar, and a few spices. Simply toss in your ingredients and bring to a rolling boil. Then, reduce heat and allow it to thicken! Simple and effective. Plus, this concoction will have your home smelling so very festive for the holidays.

Next, let’s tackle that mac and cheese. This year, how about kickin’ it up with some crab? Everyone loves a cheesy crab recipe and this dish just might take the win as most requested, “Can we have another scoop please?” This dish consists of noodles, heavy cream, butter, shredded cheeses, and of course crab meat, and is topped with a crunchy panko bread crumb topping! It only takes about 45 minutes from start to finish, but it will surely be a favorite all night.

Now we’re going to tackle a pretty controversial subject: Thanksgiving stuffing. Instead of going the traditional, crumby route, bump it up with some rice. Yes, a wild rice stuffing! This recipe calls for the turkey giblets, a wild rice mix, chicken broth, and whatever else your heart desires— maybe even bacon, mushrooms, and parmesan cheese if you’re feeling decadent. Give up the fight and try it out, you may enjoy this flavorful and moist option more than you expect.

Lastly, let’s talk about dessert. Pumpkin pie is out, Fudgy Pumpkin Brownies are in. This recipe calls for all the classics, canned pumpkin, walnuts and spices, vanilla, but also sprinkles in some cocoa powder. How can you go wrong with chocolate? Plus, these mini bites are low on sugar and calories making them something you don’t have to indulge on.

We hope you try out some of these yummy recipes with your loved ones this year, and maybe set some new traditions in the making.  

– By Olivia Dimatteo, blog contributor for Garden City Realty

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