Traveling with Kids

Holidays and major breaks from school are coming up and this is the time of year where we are all looking for ways to spend more time with our families— including wanting to take a trip together! Traveling with the whole family can be stressful due to a number of things, but the memories are always worth it. Even though you’ve got a lot of moving parts to consider, with these tips you may just be able to keep everything in line.

First, take timing into consideration. When you’re traveling by yourself, you probably find it easy to stick to a schedule. But, as you already know, kids can move a bit slower. Or, you’re having to pack up strollers, car seats, and every stuffed animal in the house. Set aside some extra time for loading up the car or pencil in an extra 30 minutes for arriving at the airport. You’ll thank yourself later for the spare allotted time when you have to get everything through security or someone needs to turn around for forgotten items.

Next, keep communications clear. It’s not a bad idea to have a conversation with your kids and explain how the trip will go. By outlining your expectations, you’re setting everyone up for success! At the same time, understand that things can sometimes go wrong. After the fourth emergency bathroom trip, you may just have to chalk it up as a funny joke you all can laugh at!

Also, don’t forget to travel with the necessities, and I’m talking about snacks and games. Sometimes a whiney child is just hungry or bored. Thankfully, you’ve tossed an extra pack of fruit gummies in your carry-on and have an interactive coloring book at the ready. Keeping your kids fueled up for the trip will cause fewer instances of grumpiness, and the entertainment might keep them from asking you, “Are we there yet?” another time.

If your kids are a bit older, you may want to provide them with a travel journal or even a disposable camera. They might get really excited about the extra responsibilities and enjoy their trip with their parents even more! Plus, now they can really participate in the experience and catalog all of their memories. You’ll be able to talk about their favorite parts and plan for next year.

With these travel tips, remember to just have fun and enjoy this special time with loved ones.

– By Olivia Dimatteo, blog contributor for Garden City Realty

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