The Day That Took our Breath Away

In the fall of 2017, Garden City Realty teamed with a homeowner at Surf Master by the Sea to do our first ever “Holiday Giveaway.” For seven days, our entry form was open to the public. The only requirement… those entering must be prepared to enjoy a free week at the beach! After advertising this sweepstakes heavily, a winner was then selected.

The winner, Rindy of Harrisonburg, VA was absolutely delighted to hear that she had won. At first, she couldn’t even believe it. In her unbelief, she stated to us how greatly this getaway was needed, explaining that her daughter is highly autistic and her husband has battled cancer for years. After learning her story, we too were glad that her name had been chosen from the thousands of entries.

On March 31st, 2018, Mrs. May’s family completed her stay with us. In conclusion, she left us the following comments –

“That condo was so nice [Surf Master 614]! When we walked in and saw that view it took our breath away, It was like being on a cruise ship or being directly on the water. I would not take a million dollars for the smile on my daughter’s face, the look of an angel! I tell you the ocean changes her into this peaceful soul that is hard to describe.”

She then continued, “I was so shocked to see the birthday balloons and gifts of snacks placed in the sand bucket when we walked in. Then the fresh flowers and the gifts for me and my daughter!! That brought tears to my eyes that you guys were that thoughtful to include her and with appropriate things for her too!! No one does that. That will be forever in my memory of you all.”

In conclusion Rindy said, “The owner, I am sure, has no idea of how much this meant to us. To see my daughter relax like this and be so happy makes my heart so happy with joy and love.” Through her tears, she expressed “Thank you” to Garden City Realty over and over again and to the homeowner who so graciously gave up a week in his condominium.

At Garden City Realty we believe that every guest has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to us. We’re thankful to have been able to get to know Rindy’s story over the last few months, and for her permission to share it with you.

– Drew McElveen, Manager Surf Master by the Sea

Link to Property: 614 Surf Master by the Sea

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