Silly Love Songs: A Valentine’s Day Collection of Favorites

“You’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs, I look around me and I see it isn’t so. Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs. And what’s wrong with that? I’d like to know…” – Silly Love Songs, Paul McCartney

While sitting in the office thinking of something fun to post on social media this Valentine’s Day, my office mate Richie and I were listening to and discussing “love songs”. I found an article from a bridal magazine which compiled some favorites and broke them down into categories; new, old, alternative, country, etc. They did a pretty good job, but I think when it comes to love songs, it can mean something different for everyone.

For me, love songs aren’t always just about romantic love, but love for family, friends and the overall power of love in an uncertain world. I decided to write down my favorite love songs. I started off slow, but then they were coming to me faster than I could write them down! See what you think. (In no particular order)
  1. Love is all that matters – The Human League
  2. Silly love songs – Paul McCartney
  3. Nights in white satin – The Moody Blues
  4. God only knows – The Beach Boys
  5. Let love rule – Lenny Kravitz
  6. Groovy kind of love – Phil Collins (I know it was originally released in the 60s by the Mind Benders, but I like this version best!)
  7. Here and now – Luther Vandross
  8. Just the way you are – Billy Joel
  9. Father figure – George Michael
  10. Still – The Commodores
  11. In your eyes – Peter Gabriel
  12. Wonderful tonight – Eric Clapton
  13. Danny’s song – Loggins and Messina
  14. Overjoyed – Stevie Wonder
  15. You are – Lionel Richie
  16. Power of two – Indigo Girls
  17. You’re in my heart – Rod Stewart
  18. Longer – Dan Fogleberg
  19. Best of my love – The Eagles
  20. I believe – Blessid Union of Souls
  21. Love song – Tesla
  22. Is this love – Bob Marley
  23. Wind beneath my wings – Bette Midler
  24. This woman’s work – Kate Bush
  25. What you won’t do for love – Bobby Caldwell

What do you think? See any of your favorites here? Maybe make a list of your own, or sit down with your Valentine and make a list together. Nothing brings back memories and touches the soul quite like music, so enjoy the music and feel the love this Valentine’s Day! XXOO

Christi Wickliffe-Bessinger
Advertising & Marketing Manager
Garden City Realty, Inc.

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