Let the good times roll! Skating at the Fun Warehouse

Quite recently, the trend of roller skating has been making a comeback. This staple of the 70’s and 80’s is now coming full circle, and children who may not have known what roller skating was are experiencing the fun. The Grand Strand is no exception. After many years of being vacant, the former Paradise Skate Center on 544 in Surfside is now back in business as the Fun Warehouse, where roller skating, laser tag, arcade and inflatable fun abounds. This large facility features a good sized hardwood rink, with plenty of seating for those who want to just watch the fun without having to put on skates. There is also a snack bar, with drink machines and food for those who work up an appetite on the floor.

The Warehouse offers both traditional four wheel skates, as well as inline skate rentals, both types of which are only around $8, depending on the day of the week. Myself and about 7 other people went to the Warehouse this past Friday, and while we had fun, it was ENTIRELY too crowded. We thought we would be smart by getting there right at 6:30 pm when they opened; apparently we were not the only ones, as there was a line out the door and halfway down the building. Parents were pulling up front and dropping their kids off by the dozens. Once inside, we grabbed our skates and headed to the floor, which was great until about an hour later, when it was so incredibly crowded that we could barely move. There were probably about 300 people there, and it honestly seemed a bit dangerous; very small children were darting in and out and making others unstable, and if someone fell, it was hard to avoid them- there were quite a few collisions.

Other than the crowd, however, it was a really fun time had by all, and we will definitely be going back very soon, just not on a Friday night. The rink is open in the afternoon and evenings all week long, so we will probably go on a weeknight to avoid the crowds. For more information on the Fun Warehouse, visit http://www.funwarehousemb.com

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