Bliss Restaurant in Murrells Inlet

Located next to the new Inlet Sports Lodge, Bliss is a nice new edition to Murrells Inlet. The owners have done a really good job of transforming what was formerly a ramshackle bar into a cozy, upscale establishment. The dining room seats about 50, with small tables and booths making for an intimate dining experience, and the exposed wooden rafters, hunting and fishing art and forest green accents definitely lend a lodge feel (appropriate, since it is in fact affiliated with the adjacent sports lodge). The bar is separate from the dining room and boasts plenty of barstools and pub tables, a nice variety of top shelf fare, as well as an all day lounge menu that is lighter and less expensive than the dinner menu.

My family had been wanting to try Bliss for quite some time, so last night we had dinner there. I had actually been a few times before, for wine and appetizers, which I had enjoyed every time. They change their menu seasonally, and it’s always interesting to see what’s new. I am really fond of their salads, especially the Wedge and the Grilled Romaine, which both have lots of great aged bleu cheese and pancetta crumbles. Their appetizers also proved to be enjoyable. I sampled the Duck Carpaccio as well as the Coriander Dusted Sea Scallops and both were really tasty, and the perfect amount of food to accompany the salad. I also tried the Duo of Tartare, which consisted of Beef and Tuna. The tuna was really good, and had a nice spicy sauce mixed in. The beef however definitely needs some more seasoning.

Last night was the first time anyone in my party had entrees and the feelings were mixed. My dad’s marinated ribeye was flavorful and cooked to perfection, and my mom’s salmon special was great. My sister got the stuffed meatloaf, which sounded great. However, it was VERY salty, so much so you couldn’t taste any of the flavors. It was also overcooked and dried out, which was a disappointment. I ordered the tuna tataki entrée and I wasn’t completely sold. The fish was seared correctly, but was cut way too thick; I would have preferred much thinner slices. The spicy ponzu sauce that accompanied it however was interesting, and a nice change from the traditional.

Overall, Bliss is definitely worth trying out. I would recommend going with a group and trying a few different appetizers and salads, maybe even sitting at the bar and trying out the lounge menu. They have a great wine list and dessert menu. The staff is friendly and service was prompt, although there have been instances where it seemed unorganized and inconsistent. I think it’s simply a case of being a new restaurant, and they seem to be working out the kinks. I will most assuredly be going back. Maybe I’ll see you there!

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