If you are vacationing at the beach, then one of the best activities is searching for seashells and shark teeth. They make wonderful, free souvenirs. It may seem that finding them in pristine condition is random, but there are times you can search for a better chance of finding them intact. Read Garden City Realty’s Beachgoers’ Guide to Finding Seashells… Read More “BEACHGOERS’ GUIDE TO FINDING SEASHELLS AND SHARK TEETH”

Walks on the Beach

In our day-to-day lives, taking time for ourselves is easier said than done. We have responsibilities and to-do lists, perhaps others to care for. It can be difficult to slow down but finding ways to enjoy our own company is healthy for the mind and body. In fact, we need to have some downtime. A good place to start is… Read More “Walks on the Beach”


As winter slowly approaches and steals away our beach days, we may want to hold onto the things that remind us of those warm afternoons in the sun. One way to do this is to bring the beach inside—minus the sand. And so, we turn to decorate with seashells, a wonderfully nautical, and cheap solution to our winter blues. Displaying… Read More “Seashells”