Pool Games to Play on Vacation

Have some fun in the sun with these pool time play games!

Sometimes the best part of a vacation rental is the pool. Sunny days and pool time play just go hand in hand. To help you make the most of your pool time Garden City Realty has put together a list of fun games to play in the pool. 

Pool Jousting

What is pool jousting you ask? Well, it’s sort of like playing a game of chicken, but on a floaty instead of another person. All you need is a pool jousting kit which you can find in most pool toys sections of any major retailer. The kit will come with two “logs” that you can float on while battling with the provided jousting sticks. It is a lot of fun for kids and adults alike. 

Pool Volleyball

Pool Volleyball is an easy game to play in the pool because you only need two things—a pool volleyball net and a beach ball.   These two pool tools will come in handy for more than just water-based volleyball. A beach ball is a classic pool toy that guarantees a good game of “Don’t Let the Ball Touch the Water.” A volleyball net will also work for a game of Badminton in the pool.  All you will need is a set of Badminton racquets

Toss N Splash

What is the Toss N Splash pool game? It’s kind of like darts meets corn hole. Like darts and corn hole, the object of the game is to score as many points as possible. The Poolmaster Toss N Splash Pool set comes with ten balls and a floating game board. The game board looks a lot like a dartboard with nine pockets. Each pocket has an assigned number that equals the number of points scored if a player lands a ball in that pocket. The best part—is this game can be played in the yard or the pool. 

Tug of War

The old classic becomes an aquatic delight in the pool. Tug of War ropes is available at many shopping centers, like Target or Ron Johns surf shop, in the Myrtle Beach area. You may also find them on Amazon. Tug of War on land is already tough.  Add in the water resistance and some healthy family competition, and you are in for a fun game. 

Pick Up Sticks

Aquatic Pick-Up Sticks is different than the version of the game played on land. You will need one set of colored, weighted diving sticks for the pool. You can find them in all shapes and sizes, including rings, glow-in-the-dark, shark-shaped, and many more. One person oversees tossing the sticks into the deep end of the pool, while the rest of the players dive in and search for the sticks. Whoever finds the most sticks wins. 

Water Lacrosse

For the Lacrosse lovers out there, there are now water Lacrosse sets. The rules are pretty much the same as regular Lacrosse rules—which if you have never played before is like soccer or football. Each team defends a goal, while the other team tries to score points by getting the ball to the goal. In Lacrosse, each team has a net that carries the ball and throws it to other teammates. If a team member fails to catch the ball in their net, the point is lost. If the other team intercepts the ball in their Lacrosse net, the point goes to them. Typically, Lacrosse on land would include two goal nets, like in soccer. But in the pool, you can use the depth markers like lines on a football field. 

Water Corn Hole

Water Corn Hole is just as fun and competitive as when the game is played on land. Your Water Corn Hole set can also double as a Corn Hole set on land. The only difference is that this set is made to float in the pool. The rules of Corn Hole are simple, although the game can be tough. Each team has two players and four bean bags to toss. One player from each team takes a turn tossing the bean bags, which score points according to where they land on the board. If you land a bean bag in the hole, that’s three points. In Water Corn Hole, someone will have to dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve any bean bags that sank to the bottom. The team with the most points at the end wins.

There are many more games to play in the pool that don’t cost any money. Classics like Marco Polo, Chicken, or even a breath-holding competition are all fun options to liven up your vacation rental’s pool. Of course, you can always just relax poolside and catch some rest and vitamin D. 

Written by Katie Robison, Blog Contributor for Garden City Realty

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