As winter slowly approaches and steals away our beach days, we may want to hold onto the things that remind us of those warm afternoons in the sun. One way to do this is to bring the beach inside—minus the sand. And so, we turn to decorate with seashells, a wonderfully nautical, and cheap solution to our winter blues.

Displaying your large shells is the simplest way to do this. Simply find (or buy) oversized conch shells or starfish and strategically place them around! They can dress up a side table or call attention to a lovely mantle. Allowing them to take the center stage immediately creates a beachy vibe in the home, without being too complicated.

Another twist on this is to collect small shells and contain them in a beautiful glass vase. This gives a new life to the crystal piece you keep tucked away in the cabinet while also showcasing your collectibles. You can even mix in other rocks or dried flowers to give your centerpiece texture and variety.

If you’re feeling crafty, small shells or shattered pieces can be mosaicked and glued on different furniture pieces. Save this project for a rainy day because it does involve time and an artistic eye. A great example of a potential transformation is a bathroom mirror. It immediately adds glamour to a simple bathroom wall. Or, if you still want to embrace the snowy season, consider creating a wreath of shells to hang on the front door or frames to hold your family photos. 

Speaking of frames, if you’re not sure about having actual shells placed around your home, think about prints. Creating a wall of photos or sketches of different shells can be a really beautiful look. It also easily creates a strong statement in the home. 

Consider these serene additions in your home this year; And if you listen really closely, you might be able to hear the ocean. 
–  By Olivia Dimatteo, a blog contributor for Garden City Realty

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