Where Has Summer Gone?

Where has the summer gone? Back to school commercials have already started inundating radio and television, and this Saturday I plan to take advantage of South Carolina’s tax-free weekend with my daughters back to school list in hand. 

In just a few short weeks, the beaches will be empty and classrooms will be filled with anxious children readjusting themselves to a hazy yet familiar routine. Fall activities will be in full-swing replacing the long days of summer with football games and, dare I say…homework.

We did not take a family vacation this summer, but fortunately for us we live at the beach so we have the luxury of packing a lunch and spending the day ‘where the map turns blue’ anytime we like. We did however spend spring break at the magical kingdom governed by a mouse, so I think we ‘did good’ this year, even if it felt more like boot camp than a vacation.

One of the best things about working for a vacation rental company is meeting folks who travel hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles, to spend their vacation with us and our little piece of the coast. I love to see the little children, some visiting the beach for the first time, experience the different sights and sounds of the ocean. The vast, openness of the ocean, crowds of people, seagulls and pelicans and of course, let’s not forget the sand, miles and miles of sand. Experiencing all this at once can often be overwhelming for some children, and for others it’s awe-inspiring. To witness these moments through their eyes is truly an amazing experience. 

So parents, if your family has yet to take its summer vacation make sure to have camera at the ready, encourage those ‘cheesy’ grins and snap away. Let them pose in the surf, build sand castles or simply collect sea shells. In fact, be ready to take photos anytime, anywhere. These are the moments we will never get back, so enjoy them while they last and document every minute.  

-Kimberly Kimes

Garden City Realty

Advertising & Marketing Director

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