Welcome to your Easter beach vacation!

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Still feeling the need to take a vacation over Easter week, but can’t quite decide where to go? Well look no further! Garden City Beach is the perfect place to bring your family for Easter week. The 12th of April is soon approaching, but fear not! It is certainly not too late to take advantage of our beach homes and condos. In fact, there are many specials specifically for Easter week that are ongoing right now, some discounted as much as 20% off!! And with our beach homes and condos, you get freedom you couldn’t dream of with hotels and resorts, like (and this is a BIG one) taking advantage of a full sized, fully equipped kitchen. Because let’s face it, sometime you just can’t take the family out to eat every night, and sometimes you just don’t want to!

And why bring the family to Garden City Beach, you ask? Well for one thing, the temperature. I’m sure many of you in the northern parts of the country are sick of cold, wet weather, yes? I would be. Drag yourself away from the snow shovels, woolen mittens and coats and picture this: You and your family piling onto a golf cart and leisurely cruising down to the beach, or strolling down the pier in the sun, a gentle, salty breeze blowing as you watch fisherman reeling in shiny spot tail, eating homemade ice cream as you watch the beach kites dance over the houses. Then you sigh a sigh of contentment and think “Wow, I am SO glad we did this, this beach vacation to Garden City was a great idea!” and you wonder why you’ve never been here before.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it!? And not only is the weather supposed to be great, but Garden City and Surfside Beaches offer plenty of Sunrise worship services on the beaches and area piers, where you can experience the sunrise over the ocean like you never have before, on Easter morning!

So what are you waiting for? Go check out the beach homes and condos for that perfect Easter week vacation. And feel free to subscribe and keep checking out this blog, where the locals will give you insight into the Grand Strand, and all that the area has to offer! Have a nice day!

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