The Garden City Realty Difference: Laundry Edition

Our linens and towels are professionally cleaned in a commercial laundry facility that provides the necessary water temperature, soap, and sanitization needed for proper laundering. Residential machines and over-the-counter laundry soaps are not the proper way to care for linens used for guest accommodations.

We Have High Standards at Garden City Realty.

Our linens and towels are processed in-house to allow us to maintain quality control based on our high standards. We do not risk trusting an outside company to process the linens and towels for us. The three key factors in ensuring clean laundry are time, temperature, and tossing (agitation). It doesn’t matter what chemicals you use, if the wash cycle doesn’t include the “three T’s,” it won’t be spotless when the load is finished. 

We have a Garden City Realty owned laundry facility in the local area to clean and process all linens and towels. In total, our commercial laundry facility can process 3,250lbs of dirty linens and towels in a single eight-hour workday.

Hot Temperatures are Key.

Our hot water is 145 degrees, some of the hottest available on a commercial basis. As a reference point, your standard hot water heater at home is typically set between 115 – 120 degrees. 

What The Cleaning Process Looks Like.

Fun Fact, bleach is much more effective at removing stains when the wash temperature is very high. Therefore, to remove germs and bacteria we wash and dry everything at a high temperature. We use commercial grade bleach, detergent, and fabric softener in each load that we wash, with the exception of bedspreads that do not get bleached.

Our linens go through two rinse cycles to ensure that any detergents and bleach are removed. Processed linens are then immediately folded and shrink-wrapped to ensure that they remain germ-free. It isn’t until the guest arrives and unpackages the linens that they are exposed for the first time.

We Are Confident in Our Process. 

At Garden City Realty, we want you to have peace of mind that you will be walking into a clean rental property with professionally cleaned linens available to you. We take pride in the standards we set for all departments to show each guest the Garden City Realty Difference. For questions or assistance booking your next vacation rental, please call us at 843-651-2121. 

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