The Garden City Realty Difference: Housekeeping Edition

We Have High Standards at Garden City Realty

Garden City Realty has always maintained high standards for cleanliness. Providing safe and clean environments for our guests, homeowners, and staff is a top priority. Our cleaning teams work diligently to ensure our rigid sanitization and disinfection protocols and best practices are being satisfied within all of our rental properties, offices, and operation facilities. 

Likewise, our linens and towels are professionally cleaned in a commercial laundry facility that provides the necessary water temperature, soap, and sanitization needed for proper laundering. Residential machines and over-the-counter laundry soaps are not the proper way to care for linens used for guest accommodations.

An Overview of Our Standards

Upon hiring, we require completion of Garden City Realty’s housekeeping training class and provide cleaners and inspectors with an extensive cleaning guide to ensure they are thoroughly instructed on how to perform to our standards. We have itemized to our cleaners and inspectors the required cleaning products to be used, required and recommended tools used to perform cleaning, and how to organize the tools to avoid any cross-contamination. In addition, Housekeeping performs training sessions for all staff members during the year.

Cleaning Process

The Garden City Realty office supplies our housekeeping crew with disinfectant products and they are required to use these products. Upon entering the property our staff will perform a pre-cleaning walkthrough, followed by a full cleaning, and a final walkthrough to confirm everything has been addressed. We require our cleaners and inspectors to fill out a checklist guide to ensure they have addressed every part of the home or condo. After cleaners exit the property, we send an inspector to the location to verify our standards have been met.

What Now?

Garden City Realty and the housekeeping department takes the safety of our guests very seriously. Our staff is trained to take extra care when performing property cleanings after each departure, ensuring that all properties are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have reiterated to our staff how important it is to continue to maintain our high standards for cleanliness. If you have any questions regarding an existing reservation or questions while you are in the booking process, please email our staff at or call in at 843-651-2121. 

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