The Best Ways to See the Ocean along the Grand Strand

This blog is a two-for-one deal! We had two Garden City Realty employees write about the best ways to see the ocean along the Grand Strand. Enjoy!

Top Ways to Enjoy the Ocean

Are you ready to see the ocean from more than just the beach? On the Grand Strand, there are several ways to look at the gorgeous Atlantic; here is a list of great ways to enjoy your vacation with a view!

The Myrtle Beach SkyWheel

The SkyWheel is a 187-foot tall Ferris wheel located in the heart of Myrtle Beach on North Ocean Boulevard. I have ridden the Skywheel twice, once in the daytime and the other at night, I am a bit claustrophobic and scared of heights, but both times you can see spectacular views of the Ocean! During the day you can see for miles over the ocean and all its beauty, at night it is so beautifully lit up it can amaze.


Several local businesses are ready for you to come see the ocean like never before by taking you on a parasailing ride! It is a must do on your vacation. You can sit back and relax while also having an adrenaline rush!


Nothing better than hanging out on the piers here! One of my very favorite piers that is close to my heart is the Garden City Pier! For many years I vacationed in Garden City Beach before deciding to relocate here over a decade ago. I have fond memories of enjoying the pier fishing with my son (who was a toddler then) during the day and dancing to music by the live bands they have at night. Let’s not forget about that spectacular view over the ocean, no matter how many times I see it at night up high on the pier, each time feels more magical.

Helicopter Tour

Take a helicopter tour over Myrtle Beach! This will for sure be a way that you can see the Grand Strand and Atlantic Ocean from a bird’s eye perspective!


I myself am not a surfer…. I unfortunately am a tad balance restricted! I do have friends that surf and they say there is nothing better than seeing the beautiful ocean while riding a wave!

Water Parks

The Water parks along the Grand Strand offer amazing views while in line for that tower tall water slide! Your kids will always remember dragging their Mom or Dad with them down some of the most amazing slides; they make for a fun and memorable vacation day!

Banana Boat

Banana boats are fun for all ages. Enjoy 30 minutes or more with six of your closest friends and family! A jet ski pulls you over waves and it’s a lot of splashes and a lot of fun!

I am hoping this gives you some fun ideas to help you make wonderful memories with your family and friends.

– Jaime Eichelberg, Communications & Marketing Coordinator

The Top Five Ways to See the Ocean in the Myrtle Beach Area

It’s spring and with the warm weather, clear skis and beautiful scenery, these are some of the best ways to see the ocean, while you are on vacation. You can speed through the water, cruise the intercoastal waterway or enjoy a slow pace kayak or paddle board adventure.

Enjoy a helicopter ride with OceanFront Helicopters. The Intro Flight, at only $20.00, fly’s passengers along the coast line where you see beautiful views of the beach. With a variety of tour to choose from, OceanFront Helicopters has several tours to choose from and offers something for everyone. Not only can you fly over the coast line, you can tour the marsh or million-dollar homes along the “golden mile”, in Myrtle Beach. Call 843-946-0022 for more information or visit

The Myrtle Beach SkyWheel is a 187-foot tall Ferris wheel located on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach. Check out their Facebook page where weekly offers and specials are posted regularly. From the top of the SkyWheel, you can see for miles along the Grand Strand. It feels like you are floating over the ocean. So regardless of the weather outside, enjoy a view like no-other, in one of the 42 climate-controlled gondolas. Call 843-839-9200 for more information or visit

Try a thrilling Jet Boat Ride. Picture cruising on the water and suddenly spin 360 degrees with a wall of water rushing toward you. You close your eyes waiting for the crashing wave when the boat kicks in and you move out just in time. This happens again and again before heading back to the dock. Jet Boat Ride is in Murrells Inlet, behind the Dead Dog Saloon. Call 843-970-2628 for more information or visit

Take a jet ski excursion with a guide who can show you the area and wildlife. This is a great way to see the natural beauty of the Intercoastal Waterway. Call Island Adventure Watersports at 843-650-7003 or visit

Rent Paddle boards and kayaks from Woody’s Beach Rentals in Garden City, SC. It’s a fun way to see the inlet at high tide and view the wild life. Enjoy your time on the water at a slower pace. It’s a fun filled adventure. Bring plenty of water and stay hydrated. Give them a call at 843-357-2453 or visit them Online at

Finally, on a clear night, slight breeze and full moon, hop on your broom and fly through the night air enjoying the ocean breeze. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it. We live and work in some of the most scenic and gorgeous places in the low country. So, get up, get out and enjoy your time here.

Information has been provided by the businesses web-sites above. Please visit their Web-site or call for tickets and pricing.

– Mary Black, Vacation Specialist

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