Sprucing Up Your Beach Rental

Back in town for the season and looking to update your beach rental? Here are some quick fixes for homeowners on a time crunch:

Consider upgrading the bedding. Clean, freshly styled bedrooms can make a huge impact on renters yet are pretty cost-effective for owners! When choosing sheets and bedding, you want to keep it comfy while reflecting the home and its characteristics. For a beach home, light and airy colors are inviting and soothing. Include an extra set of cozy throws and new spare pillows for a serene bedroom atmosphere. 

Adding neutral wall art can also complement the home and make it feel more livable. Keep it simple with a large statement piece in the living room or hallway. A worn piece of driftwood could look really cool mounted on the wall or you could create a gallery wall of framed seashells.

Another way to freshen up is with new paint. Again, keep it light and neutral. Even just a coating of a clean white around the baseboards and windowsills will make a huge difference! If painting feels like too much, try out peel and stick wallpaper. There are hundreds of designs to choose from and creating a statement wall can make a room feel brand new—plus they are great for photo ops! For your beach property, light wood patterns could really bring the outside in.

In the bathrooms, change out the shower heads and curtains. A fancier head can instantly improve the look of any shower and will make your guests feel as though they are in a spa while changing curtains can brighten up or help neutralize the space.

Lastly, the outside of the home is a great place to target—especially the deck or patio. If you have outside seating already, give it a good scrub. Chances are it’s gotten a little dirty since last season and a wipe-down will have it looking good again! Purchase some outdoor pillows or a rug to make it feel homey. If you want to get creative, consider patio stencils and a little outdoor paint! It will completely change the feel of your space! 

With these little efforts, you could take years off of your property. A more modernized rental is sure to please your guests and have them wanting to come back year after year.

–  By Olivia Dimatteo, blog contributor for Garden City Realty

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