Spring Cleaning Tips for Easy Living

Spring is busting out all over! Are you ready to dust off the beach chairs, de-winterize yourself, as well as your home, and spend more time outdoors? Here are some Spring tips from blog contributor, Lauren Palazuelos.

Declutter, dust, disinfect. Spring is here, and it’s time for some seriously deep cleaning. Here are some tips to help you wash away winter effectively and efficiently, lets spring to it…

Remember Why You Do It

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task if not an outright nuisance, but its benefits surpass mere cleanliness. The activity involved in cleaning not only reduces stress and boosts your mood, but it improves your likelihood to be productive. Setting up your space in an organized manner sets you up for success.


Parting ways with possessions is something we all struggle with, but do you really need to keep that busted phone charger with the exposed wiring? Decluttering takes some serious self-scrutiny, but it’s time to be blunt. You don’t have to junk everything that isn’t utterly practical but consider what holds true value to you versus what you need to rationalize in order to keep around.

Don’t Do More Than You Must

Making a list is beneficial in these situations, what your bathroom needs will be different than the tasks demanded of your kitchen, so break it down. Map out what needs to be tackled in each room and check things off as you go. Most of these lists are easily accessible online.

Where to Start 

Here you could go one of two ways depending on your personality, do you like to dive into the deep end or slowly wade into the water? You can start with your biggest project and knock it out, knowing that what follows will surely seem easier or start of small easing into the bigger projects by gaining that confidence of productivity as you knock numerous things off your list.

Work from top to bottom. Working from the highest surface down ensures that you hit every surface you need and makes for an easier full room wrap up, whether it be sweeping, mopping or vacuuming.

Don’t Skip the Small Stuff

Dusting off ceiling fans, deep cleaning carpets and clearing out your fridge is tedious but key. These are things that most of us tend to avoid in day to day pick up, making them crucial targets during these deep cleaning sessions. Ceiling fans and carpets trap all kinds of allergens while fridges house the food and beverages you consume, so be sure to care for them properly, because by tending to them, you’re tending to yourself.

– By Lauren Palazuelos, a blog contributor for Garden City Realty

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