Simply the Best: Ms. Janet

Janet Antol, or Ms. Janet, as she is fondly known as within our Owner Services department, has worked with Garden City Realty for more than 10 years as our leading interior design consultant and preferred referral.

With more than 25 years’ experience, she is the proprietor of JLA Designs and specializes in custom interior designs, kitchen and bath remodels, and renovation management. Her services include: design consultation, site measurement and assessment, space planning, design concepts, purchasing and procurement, and project management.

As a South Strand local who regularly works with Garden City Realty on oceanfront home and condo remodels, it’s no surprise that Ms. Janet’s favorite interior design style is Southern coastal.

Drawing inspiration for design projects by frequently shopping at local businesses and specialty shops, her interior design must-haves include art, lamps, and bedding. And when it comes to incorporating those coastal elements into her design, she finds the best way to keep the decor from feeling campy is to use coastal-themed lamps or bedding, along with art and coastal-inspired paint colors.

We recently had a question-and-answer session with Ms. Janet to find out more about her career and what it’s like working with Garden City Realty. Here are the highlights from that conversation.

Question: How do you structure your interior design projects?

Answer: I like to meet with my clients when possible and discuss their personal needs for the project.

Q: Do you recommend local contractors?

A: Yes. I have local contractors I work with on a daily basis.

Q: How do you structure your fees for your projects?

A: Based on their needs, I give my clients the option to choose an hourly rate fee or a percentage of the total project.

Q: What do you prioritize for your budget plan?

A: Paint is most important, followed by flooring, cabinets, counters, appliances, lighting, furniture, and accessorizing.

Q: How do you prefer to manage large projects that involve several rooms or perhaps an entire property?

A: By first having discussions with the home owners. I organize the entire project from beginning to end starting with a contractor. I contact all other vendors as needed to begin scheduling.

Q: What’s your approach to designing small spaces?

A: By using multi-functional pieces and minimalist styles of furniture. I think mirrors give a space added dimension.

Q: Do you welcome client opinions?

A: Yes. I think it is most important to find out what a client has in mind for their home and use this information to help create their vision.

Q: What do you find most challenging about the design process?

A: The ability to find special items that will complete my design ideas.

Q: Pantone announced two 2021 colors of the year, Illuminating and Ultimate Gray. What are your thoughts and will you be working them into any of your designs this year?

A: As trends come and go, I think it is best to use these pops of color in accessorizing. I am currently working with a client that has requested using yellows and grays in her bedroom.

Q: What is your most recent interior design project?

A: I am currently working on a complete renovation of an oceanfront condominium at One Ocean Place in Garden City Beach and a residential home in the Highwoods Community in Murrells Inlet.

Q: Is there a difference between designing for vacation rental properties versus primary residence? If so, what is the main difference?

A: Yes. Vacation rentals require consideration for commercial usage.

Q: What can vacation rental property owners offer guests to make their stays more comfortable?

A: King-sized beds and flat screen TVs. A recliner is always a plus. Having board games and puzzles are a nice addition for those rainy days.

Q: If you could tell property owners one thing about Garden City Realty’s Owner Services Team what would it be and why?

A: The Owner Services Team is the most professional and customer satisfaction driven group of people that any property owner could choose to entrust with their property. There have been numerous occasions where I witnessed first-hand the way they conduct themselves with clients while in the office and at properties.

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