Murrells Inlet: A Day on the Water

If you’re in Garden City and you really want to have a relaxing day, do yourself a favor and spend it on the water in the Inlet!

There are many different water activities you and your family can partake of in the Garden City/ Murrells Inlet area. For instance, boat rentals (a small safety course is required) jet ski rentals, parasailing, banana boats, deep water fishing charters (or inlet charters, if you want to stay close to shore), Dolphin Watch Tours or Sea Exploration cruises are available from Crazy Sister Marina (formerly Captain Dick’s), located along the Marshwalk in Murrells Inlet.

However, my personal recommendation for truly experiencing the tranquility of the inlet is kayaking. A more relaxing day you couldn’t imagine! You can rent kayaks from the Marshwalk, or the marina, and make it an all day activity. Pack a little cooler with water and snacks, throw on a hat and some sunscreen and take the time to leisurely peruse the inlet. It’s a great way to see the wildlife up close and personal. You’ll be able to navigate through creeks and reeds, as well as under docks to get a close look at oysters and other native flora and fauna. Just be sure to pay attention to the tide- go against the current on the way out, and in case you’re tired on the way back, you can simply float. Also be mindful of boaters and the shallow areas- you don’t want to get stuck in the mud if the tide turns, believe me! Happy exploring!

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