How to Make Guests Fall in Love with your Rental

Looking for simple ways to make your rental home the number one choice among your guests? These quick tips will ensure that your guests fall in love with your home or condo as soon as they open the door!

1. Make everything easy to use for the guest.

First, you’ll want to make your place feel like home. Which means, making things both accessible and cozy.

To make things easy to find and use, labeling is key. Label remotes for different electronics, i.e., television, DVD player, speakers, etc. Label light switches in common areas with multiple options, like “Kitchen Lights” and “Entry.” You may also want to leave an information sheet for anything your guests need to know. This might include your Wi-Fi network and password, detailed directions on how to use an item, as well as anything the guest may need to know to have a smooth vacation.

2. Remove excess clutter.

Understanding the ways of the house will help your guests relax, but there are other ways to help with that too. First, make sure you remove all the clutter from the home. A clean, open space will make your guests feel welcome. You can also create some cozy spots in the home, like a reading corner, where guests can curl up and unwind. Stock the bookshelves with must-reads and classics, and leave some board games or puzzles in the closet. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

3. Update your property regularly, even in small ways.

Next, consider updating. Guests, new and old, will notice when you’ve put thought into the design of your home.

The bedroom is a great place to start because that’s where many guests will want to truly feel serene. Make sure each room has a good quality mattress and tasteful bedding. You may also want to provide extra pillows, in a variety of soft and firm, so your guests have some choice in comfortability. Stock the linen closet with some extra cozy blankets as well, for those nights where your guests may want to just curl up.

In terms of other updates, start outside. Update any outside furniture like deck and pool chairs as well as grills provided for the guest. You could also update beach equipment, like chairs, floats, toys, etc. These small touches will show your guests that you’re thinking of them.

4. Add personal touches.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to get a bit personal. Many of your guests may be in the area for the first time, and they may love to see the owner’s opinion. With a welcome letter, you can leave a list of favorite local restaurants, area attractions, or shopping centers. If the guests are new to the area, they’ll appreciate the area tips. This also gives guests the opportunity to check out favorite spots and enhance their vacation experience.

With these quick tips, your guests will remember your home for its ease, relaxation, and comfort.

– By Olivia Dimatteo, blog contributor for Garden City Realty

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