How to Beat Your Winter Blues

How To Beat Your Winter Blues

Let’s face it. Winter has overstayed its welcome. Tomorrow marks the start of March, which everyone can associate with Spring. The warmth from the sun, the many colorful flowers in bloom and the resurrection of all things green. Many Americans get to enjoy warmer weather next month, but some will have to tolerate their winter blues a bit larger. Here are some tips to get through these dreaded temperatures. 

This may be common sense, but being cold makes us depressed. Ever wonder why people in the South are always smiling and seem so happy all of the time? It’s because they live in warmer climates and only have to deal with the cold a small part of the year. It’s crucial to keep warm, whether you curl up by the fire or enjoy a hot cup of cocoa or tea. These are instant mood boosters.

Another important thing to keep in mind during this time is to eat healthy. We eat more when it’s cold and less likely to get up and move. Packing on the pounds is a typical setback from the holiday season and can put anyone in a bad mood. Eat a well-balanced diet, especially when exercising isn’t your thing or you are constantly sitting at a desk all day.

This brings me to my next tip – MOVE. Studies have proved that walking 30 minutes to an hour a day can decrease your risk of heart disease and more life-threatening illnesses. We all know it’s cold, but maybe it is time to join a gym or take a class at a local studio or fitness center. It is important to want to get up and move, so having a partner or friend join you can be just the motivation you need.

Lastly, start planning ahead. Plan that summer vacation you’ve always wanted. Try something new, whether it be a trip, restaurant, hobby or relationship! Don’t let Winter bring you down. Brighter and warmer things are ahead. 

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