Grand Strand’s First Snowfall in Ten Years!

We had a pretty interesting event happen this past weekend: it snowed here on the Grand Strand! We usually get a few flurries in January or the beginning of February, but nothing more (the excited saying “I think it’s sticking!” can always be heard when these flurries start). In fact the last time it snowed and stuck was January of 2000, almost exactly 10 years ago. So you can imagine our surprise and skepticism when they began calling for snow on Friday morning in the amount of 3-5 inches. Sure, we would believe it when we saw it.

HOWEVER! For once, the weather people were correct! Around 6pm on Friday, it began coming down in huge flurries. AND IT WAS STICKING! And it continued to come down all throughout Friday night and into Saturday morning. So all of us Grand Stranders awoke to a sight that hadn’t greeted us in a very long time…a winter wonderland! Actual snow that you could run through, play in, throw at people and build snowmen with. And although the temp went back up to around 45 degrees by early afternoon, and every last trace of the snow was completely melted by that night, it was definitely something we’ll all remember and hopefully not have to wait another 10 years for.

** Disclaimer: I am aware that to all you folks in the Northern part of the country, this paltry 3-5 inches is laughable, especially with the incapacitating amounts of horrible winter weather you have been getting. But hey, this is the BEACH. And now, we’re ready for the cold to go away, everything to warm up and everyone come visit us here in Garden City and Myrtle Beach!

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