Finding Shark Teeth

The ocean is full of so many treasures, but one particularly rare find is shark teeth. These little remnants of the massive sea creatures that swam off the coast can date back millions of years. Luckily, South Carolina beaches are said to be a hot spot for shark tooth hunting, and if you’ve always wanted to find one for yourself, here’s some more information on starting your very own collection.

Shark teeth have quite a history on our southern coasts. Years ago, the coastal natives would collect them for spearheads and jewelry! Now, even though they are just a fun past-time, they still tell us a lot about the past creatures of our local waters. This is especially true when it comes to the Megalodon shark which swam in the Atlantic at least four million years ago. Although it has been dead for millions of years, their teeth are a very common find on both of the Carolina coastlines.

These sharks could grow up to 60 feet long and weigh up to 65 tons, making some of their teeth over 7 inches long! When identifying megalodon teeth, they are unmistakably large. Like other shark teeth, they may vary in color due to fossilization. While the newer teeth of current sharks could actually be white, black teeth are more common. Sometimes the teeth will also have serrated edges, but it depends on their time spent being tossed between the waves.

Finding shark teeth is not easy for the naked eye. The best time to search is after a storm when the ocean is dredged up. Sandbars are also a great spot to start. Often, it is best to really sift through the sand. The more you dig around, the better your chances are for fining these treasures! Some people may use a kitty-litter scoop to dig through the sand and a kitchen sieve to rinse out the other particles. There are also places known for being lucky for shark tooth hunters, you would be amazed at what people are able to find right here at our local beaches!

There is also a big fan base around this special hobby. Many fellow shark tooth enthusiasts love to share their finds with each other over Facebook groups, making this a wonderful way to be involved in your community virtually. These finds are very exciting, so good luck and happy hunting!

–  By Olivia Dimatteo, blog contributor for Garden City Realty

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