Easter’s on its Way!

If you ask most children to name their favorite holiday, more than likely they will say it’s Christmas. I mean who doesn’t like Christmas? Presents, fun family gatherings, cookies and treats, no school…I get it, but for me, it has always been Easter.
There is just something magical to me about springtime, the Easter season and all it represents. Renewal, blossoming, things that once appeared dead coming back to life, and for us South Carolina folks, it usually means warmer, more pleasant weather as well. Additionally, along the Grand Strand, Easter is the first big weekend of the tourist season.
As a child, I always loved Easter because it meant I got to pick out a pretty new dress to wear on Easter Sunday, which I could even wear with white shoes (if you have a southern mama, you know what I mean!). It also meant I would receive a basket full of chocolatey bunnies, marshmallowy chicks, and cream filled eggs, (seriously, Easter has the best candy!) and a snuggly stuffed bunny. I also enjoyed dying Easter eggs with my grandmother, going to Easter egg hunts and my family’s traditional Easter dinner which usually included ham, butter beans and rice, macaroni and cheese, and my mama’s homemade coconut cake (which she would decorate with jelly beans).
As an adult, I still love the Easter season, but for different reasons. I still enjoy the spring renewal that comes along with the season and for my own personal faith reasons as well, but what’s more, I get to share my traditions, both those of my childhood and new ones, with my own children. My hope is that one day they will look back with fond Easter memories as I have and eventually share them with their future children.
Additionally, like many Grand Strand residents, the livelihood of my family depends on a good tourist season, so I sincerely hope that Easter weekend 2016 kicks off what will be a robust and successful season for all.

Best wishes for a lovely spring and a happy Easter season…hope Peter Cottontail is good to you!

Christi Wickliffe-Bessinger
Advertising & Marketing Manager
Garden City Realty, Inc.

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