Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Our South Carolina coast is the landing place for many migratory species, but one of our coolest visitors is the Loggerhead Sea Turtle! Although many different species travel through our waters, this marine creature is actually our state reptile. As the largest of all hard-shelled turtles, they grow to about 250 pounds, but the largest ones found have been over… Read More “Loggerhead Sea Turtle”

Finding Shark Teeth

The ocean is full of so many treasures, but one particularly rare find is shark teeth. These little remnants of the massive sea creatures that swam off the coast can date back millions of years. Luckily, South Carolina beaches are said to be a hot spot for shark tooth hunting, and if you’ve always wanted to find one for yourself,… Read More “Finding Shark Teeth”

Walks on the Beach

In our day-to-day lives, taking time for ourselves is easier said than done. We have responsibilities and to-do lists, perhaps others to care for. It can be difficult to slow down but finding ways to enjoy our own company is healthy for the mind and body. In fact, we need to have some downtime. A good place to start is… Read More “Walks on the Beach”

The Garden City Realty Difference: Laundry Edition

Our linens and towels are professionally cleaned in a commercial laundry facility that provides the necessary water temperature, soap, and sanitization needed for proper laundering. Residential machines and over-the-counter laundry soaps are not the proper way to care for linens used for guest accommodations. We Have High Standards at Garden City Realty. Our linens and towels are processed in-house to… Read More “The Garden City Realty Difference: Laundry Edition”

The Garden City Realty Difference: Maintenance Edition.

The Garden City Realty Difference: Maintenance Edition. Typically when you think of maintenance staff, you think about a reactive team. A problem comes in and maintenance is sent out to fix it. Although our maintenance staff takes pride in problem-solving for guests and homeowners, a large portion of their time is also spent being proactive to maintain each property before… Read More “The Garden City Realty Difference: Maintenance Edition.”

Beach Cleanup, How You Can Make a Difference.

Each year, September 21st marks the International Coastal Cleanup Day. It is one of the largest annual preservation events and has over 6 million volunteers in 90 countries across the United States. We even have our very own chapter in Myrtle Beach dedicated to a cleaner and healthier coastline. However, you don’t have to wait until September to start helping… Read More “Beach Cleanup, How You Can Make a Difference.”