Enjoy Grand Strand Handicap Accessible Activities

There are many handicap-accessible activities to participate in during your stay at the Grand Strand! Imagine planning an entire vacation, packing, and traveling just to arrive and find out that there are few activities that you can participate in. No one deserves to feel left out during vacation. At Garden City Realty, we are happy to assist in your search… Read More “Enjoy Grand Strand Handicap Accessible Activities”

Chillax: Lowkey South Strand Vacations with Garden City Realty

by Kent Kimes for Garden City Realty What is the goal of your vacation? By its very definition, a vacation means to vacate your usual residence for an extended period of leisure, relaxation and recreation, a time to recharge your batteries away from the day-to-day grind. Let us focus on the leisure and relaxation parts of that equation. Every vacation… Read More “Chillax: Lowkey South Strand Vacations with Garden City Realty”