Garden City Realty Owner Services Testimonials

Garden City Realty has spent more than 45 years servicing people just like you along the South Strand, with the highest level of quality service, industry leadership, and unmatched professionalism. But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Read what actual Garden City Realty guests, property owners, buyers, and sellers have to say.

Five Star Team!

04/01/2019 - Satisfied Owners
Owner Services

We have had the pleasure of using Garden City Realty for our property rental for over 15 years. GCR has the best team of seasoned professionals who treat our property as they would their own! They are definitely a 5 Star Team all the way around!

The Girls in Owner Services are Superb

03/31/2019 - Horizon East 503
Owner Services

Garden City Realty has managed my property for at least ten years, I have been very pleased with them, they are very professional and courteous, The Girls in Owner Services are superb. My daughter and I and her two young grandchildren arrived at the condo around 7:30 P.M. on a Saturday evening to find my key would not work, it seemed to have gotten bent, she was almost in panic mode, I called GCR, their guy came in a matter of minutes and let us in, gave us a key and the next day brought more keys. If you are looking for a rental agent I would highly recommend them, they have done an excellent job of renting my property.

Going on 19 years now!!

03/31/2019 - Seacamp Owners
Owner Services

Going on our 19th year owning our beach house (SEACAMP) with Garden City Realty as our management company, we can only say how happy we are with management in helping us maintain, keep safe & secure, and provide excellent rental services. They treat us like trusted family members!

For more than 40 years!

03/29/2019 - Satisfied Owners
Owner Services

Garden City and Staff have been beyond exceptional. Every request and need has been met promptly and courteously. We have dealt with Garden City for over 40 years.

Clients for 14 years

03/29/2019 - Property Owner
Owner Services

We have been Garden City Realty Clients for 14 years. In the few instances when there have been issues with Renters, or Garden City Realty, they were always resolved completely in a timely manner. GCR Staff could not be nicer or more willing to help.

03/25/2019 - Marlin Quay 510
Owner Services

For more than 40 years I have worked with Garden City Realty on my vacation rentals. Most important to me are their employees. They work diligently to make sure that when you come to Garden City, you're coming to another side of heaven. I thought the ultimate was having an oceanfront home. But, when we bought our condo at Marlin Quay, I knew I was in heaven watching the sunset over Murrells Inlet in the late afternoon. Part of this is because Garden City Realty; their people have been my family. You will find that when you are dealing with them, you will never be disappointed.

Very pleased with the service and ability to place rentals

03/24/2019 - Surf Master By The Sea 505
Owner Services

We have owned our unit for a number of years and visited frequently until I retired five years ago. We never rented the place, but when we moved to the Midwest it sat vacant for long periods. We didn’t want to part with the unit. Our children still live in the area and we enjoy visiting periodically, and they also liked to use it occasionally. We contacted with Drew at Garden City Realty, and have been very pleased with their service and ability to place rentals. Our occupancy is around 90%, and we simply block out the times our extended family want to use the unit.

Our dream come true!!

03/22/2019 - Surf Master by the Sea 304
Owner Services

Our dream come true! We bought #304 at Surf Master in 2018, as first-time renters Drew and all of the GCR family has gone above and beyond to guide us in the right direction. Everyone at GCR has been very patient with us and helpful.

Pleased with our Service and Occupancy

03/21/2019 - Satisfied Owner
Owner Services

We have owned our unit for a number of years and visited frequently until I retired five years ago. We never rented the place, but when we moved to the Midwest it sat vacant for long periods. We didn’t want to part with the unit. Our children still live in the area and we enjoy visiting periodically, and they also liked to use it occasionally. We contacted with Drew at Garden City Realty, and have been very pleased with their service and ability to place rentals. Our occupancy is around 90%, and we simply block out the times our extended family want to use the unit.

Very Pleased! Excellent Recommendation!!

10/01/2018 - Surf Master by the Sea 311
Owner Services

We purchased our two bedroom condo at Surf Master by the Sea through Garden City Realty in 2018 with the help of one of their realtors, Drew Dellinger making it possible.  After a nearly complete remodel, including new bathrooms, doors, paint, lights, fans, appliances, furniture, granite, pictures, and floors we had to decide if we really wanted to rent the unit out to offset some of the cost of ownership.  Mr. Dellinger suggested that Drew McElveen and his team at Surf Master were highly regarded, with trepidation we decided to go with them to rent our condo. It was a very hard decision as we just invested around $40,000 in remodeling and have rented out beach condos previously with both positive and negative management experiences.  With the end of the first year, we are happy to provide an excellent recommendation for Drew and his team.  They are very accommodating, understanding and provide excellent feedback, suggestions, reporting, and email updates that far exceeded our expectations.  We have been very pleased and plan to continue working with them in the future.

Completely Satisifed

10/01/2018 - Surf Master by the Sea 511
Owner Services

We are completely satisfied with you and the company.  Never duck a question and give a timely and straight forward response every time.

Genuine Integrity and Concern

09/01/2018 - Surf Master by the Sea 910
Owner Services

Rarely, have we found a business with such genuine integrity and concern for their clients. For the past two years, they have enthusiastically supported us, by donating linens, commission, and cleaning as we donated a week in our condo to raise money for a (local to us) hospital foundation. Additionally, over the past year, their attentiveness and thoughtfulness have eliminated nearly all of our stress. We have been working hard to update our condo and keep it nice for both renters and ourselves. We had many questions and logistical challenges with this as we are 5 hours away. Through it all, Drew, Dan, and Vicky were so accommodating and helpful. They prioritized meetings with us when we were in town. They brainstormed with us to overcome some challenges. They smoothly facilitated major transitions such as appliance replacement, while keeping guests happy. My family and I affectionately refer to them as the “Dream Team.” To say we are impressed with Garden City Realty, would be an understatement. They are great people. We count them as friends and we’d be lost without them!!

It's been a pleasure

09/01/2018 - Surf Master by the Sea 604
Owner Services

It has been a pleasure knowing and dealing with Drew and his staff for the past five years.  This is our first experience owning a condo and he has made our experience stress free knowing that anytime there is any kind of an issue or crisis, such as the recent Hurricane Florence, Drew keeps us updated and informed about our property.  Living in New York and owning a condo in SC is difficult but with Drew informing us of any issues our minds are at ease.  For example, there was a problem with the HVAC but Drew and Dan contacted the appropriate vendor and the problem was solved.  In conclusion, our experience at Surf Master and knowing Drew and his staff are a pleasurable one.

Great Property Management Company!

09/01/2018 - Surf Master by the Sea 908
Owner Services

Drew McElveen and the staff at Garden City Realty (Surf Master by the Sea) are a great Property Management Company to work with.   We receive regular updates on how the rental season is progressing.  At the end of the season, all rental unit owners receive an evaluation of how their rental unit compared to others in the program for this year and the previous year. The office is run in a very professional manner. Drew has given us great suggestions as to ways we can increase our rental income and worked with us on finding and scheduling contractors to complete any renovations and updates needed.   He is always prompt in answering our questions via email or phone calls. We have found that Drew is very reliable and we put our full faith in him and staff to manage our unit in the way that will best benefit both us and our renters. In the past years, we have seen an increase in our rental income thanks to his recommendations and management.

Thank you GCR!

09/01/2018 - Surf Master by the Sea 314
Owner Services

Thank you Garden City Realty for a successful rental season. This spring we purchased a beachfront condo at Surf Master by the Sea. This was our first experience with vacation rentals. We are very pleased with the GCR team. Everyone has been so responsive and helpful. Looking forward to 2019.

GCR made renting easy for us!

04/01/2018 - Surf Master by the Sea 107
Owner Services

My husband bought Surfmaster #305 in May of 2016 after selling a townhouse.  We didn’t intend to rent it but South Carolina law required that we honor existing rentals for 90 days, basically the summer of 2016. We placed it with Garden City Realty.  Garden City Realty’s on-site team was so friendly and helpful and made renting so easy for us folks who are not local that we decided to continue to rent our place.  In addition, we purchased a second unit, #107, in January of 2017 and remodeled it.  The new unit had not been rented and we feared it would take several years for it to build a good rental base.  Garden City Realty really worked hard for us and through their efforts, it is now rented all weeks from May through August of 2018. We are ecstatic!

I would recommend  Garden City Realty to anyone

04/01/2018 - Surf Master by the Sea 1106
Owner Services

I have been a property owner for 30 years in Garden City.   I have been very excited about the occupancy rate of my unit for the past four years with Garden City Realty.  I can’t say enough about the efficiency of the staff, their communication and the ability to resolve conflict when it occurs.  Whether we are dealing with a water heater, air conditioning, or a hurricane the proactive approach they have of handling both the renter and the owner is fair, equitable and leads to long term profitable rents.  I would recommend  Garden City Realty to anyone who needs a company they can trust and looking for good cash flow from their investment property at the beach.

Surf-Master by the Sea’s on-site manager has been exceptional

04/01/2018 - Surf Master by the Sea 702
Owner Services

My husband and I continue to be more than satisfied with Garden City Realty but we must add that Drew McElveen, Surf-Master by the Sea’s on-site manager has been exceptional. He continues to keep us updated on changes and events not only through emails but also with pictures…If we have a question, his rapid reply eliminates any worry or concerns we might have. We feel very fortunate to have such a great team working for us!

Positive experience with Garden City Reatly

12/11/2017 - Matthews House (former owner)
Owner Services

I am extremely pleased with Garden City Realty. They have been very helpful in renting my property. I called on them frequently for advice and was always confident of their ability to follow thru. Everyone was accommodating and very pleasant to work with. I could not have been successful had it not been for their hard working staff. Yes, oh yes, I would ‘reach out’ to GCR again, should the need occur. It has been my pleasure.

Nothing short of great service

06/01/2017 - Surf Master by the Sea 910
Owner Services

We purchased our Surfmaster condo, Unit 910 in Feb 2017 and were quickly comforted by GCR’s ability to service the rental unit from strong social marketing, quick maintenance support, fantastic bookings and all while keeping the unit immaculate!  As first time renters and with a unit that had not been on a rental program in the past - we are more than thrilled that by mid-June we were showing over $33,000 in potential 2017 bookings ($23,000 booked to date)!  Nothing short of great service, great advice, and a great partnership with the GCR team.  We are already looking forward to finding the next unit that they help partner with us on!!

Great partnership with GCR

05/10/2017 - Driftwood
Owner Services

This year, we purchased and remodeled a beachfront home. This is our first venture owning a vacation rental property and we have been very pleased with our partnership with Garden City Realty. Everyone we have met and worked with, whether in senior management, real estate sales, guest services, housekeeping, maintenance or office staff, have all been responsive, helpful and professional. We could not have chosen a better group to work with, and would highly recommend Garden City Realty.

We would highly recommend GCR

11/01/2016 - Surf Master by the Sea 111
Owner Services

We have owned our Surf Master property since 1990.   We have seen a lot of changes throughout the years with realtors and property managers.  Garden City has been our realtor since they acquired it in 2001.  Drew McElveen, who has been our property manager for the past two years, and his staff, are a breath of fresh air.  They are all very diligent about keeping owners informed of what is going on with our property and in the Garden City area.  Questions are answered in a timely fashion and they try their best to accommodate owner needs.  We would highly recommend them to be your property manager.

GCR is like family

10/01/2016 - Surf Master by the Sea 904
Owner Services

We purchased unit 904 in 2006 and have had Garden City Realty as our realtor every year since.  They are like a member of the family.  Our condo is rented almost every week of the year and on a monthly basis from November through March. This year will be our most profitable year so far.  People tell me to rent our condo ourselves and keep all the rental money but believe me the small amount that goes to Garden City Realty is well worth it.  They are quick to handle any problems our renters have.  I have had a book in my unit where renters can comment and every time they talk about how great the people are at Garden City Realty.  You would not believe the “little things” they do for you and your guest at no charge to you. Take the pressure off and let Garden City Realty put people in your unit.

Nothing but praise

10/01/2016 - Surf Master by the Sea PH-I
Owner Services

I purchased my condo PH I at Surf Master in November 2015. That said I had no idea what expect, but when met with Drew McElveen for the first time I instantly felt confidence in him and Garden city realty. During my first rental season, I have nothing but praise for Garden City Realty. They keep me informed of any issues and resolve them quickly. I know Drew and his team at Surf Master tend to renters needs. Looking forward to 2017 season!

They are the best!

10/01/2016 - Surf Master by the Sea 103
Owner Services

I can't say ENOUGH on how good we were treated while at Surfmaster just prior to Hurricane Mathew.  My husband was sent to the hospital and I was trying to juggle all that had to be done. The Crew at the Surfmaster office offered to take my dog out for his needed duties while I was gone.  Thanks for such a great personal touch.  It feels so good that Garden City office at Surfmaster was so gracious to me in my trying time.  I can't THANK THEM ENOUGH.  They are the best.

Expectations exceeded, thanks for another great season

10/01/2016 - Rivas A, Rivas B, Owl's Nest
Owner Services

"Thank you!" to Garden City Realty Team for another great rental season at the beach. You guys have far exceeded our expectations. As you know, we were using another property management company for the previous several years and were hesitant to change. I now can definitely say, ‘I am glad we switched!’ Our multiple properties have all had record revenue this year. Revenue is good, but combined with the friendly GCR service…it was FANTASTIC! We really appreciate the special time you gave us as we learned the GCR process. We have really enjoyed getting to know the GCR team both over the phone in our many conversations and it was also fun to meet you guys in person. It was easy to see you guys really enjoy what you are doing each day. We look forward to many more years of partnering together and sincerely thank you for all you do for us and our guests.

Enthusiastic staff, highly recommended services

09/04/2016 - ZJ's Retreat
Owner Services

This was our first season owning a rental home of any kind, and we could not be happier with Garden City Realty. Being new to this, we have had many questions and the staff has been so kind and enthusiastic, walking us through each step of the process. knowing that their assistance is only a phone call or email away has been priceless. We would give them the highest recommendation possible and look forward to our continued partnership.

The staff doesn’t merely check the boxes

09/01/2016 - Surf Master by the Sea 812
Owner Services

I want you to know how appreciative I am of your very fresh and proactive services to condo owners in Surfside - way above my expectations and general area property management services. You were very valuable in helping me renovate our unit’s kitchen from long distance by providing on-site market-preference guidance, measurements, and direct access to vendors.  I especially feel the warmth of your staff when receiving phone calls about rental preferences and on-the-spot requests outside the parameters of advertised rates and occupancy. The staff doesn’t merely check the boxes, but rather tries for mutually beneficial outcomes.  Your staff may be three states away from my primary home, but they are always a friendly phone call away.  Thanks again for treating my property as if it were your own.

Great first year as new vacation rental owners

08/18/2016 - Seaside Harmony
Owner Services

We would like to send a great big “THANK YOU!” to everyone at Garden City Realty. We are just now wrapping up our first year as new owners of a vacation rental property at the beach. Thanks to GCR it was an even more successful year than we had hoped. When we bought our property last Fall we had no prior experience in vacation rentals and no idea how even to get started. We knew we had a lot to learn and we knew we needed help.

So we called you at Garden City Realty. From our very first contact and throughout the entire year, everyone at GCR has been friendly, extremely helpful, and thoroughly professional. We could not have been more satisfied. You answered our many questions, made some great suggestions, did a superb job marketing our property, and helped us be good hosts for our guests. 

We’ve learned a lot in our first year. Mostly, we learned that we picked the right management company when we picked Garden City Realty. Thanks again for everything! 

Happy to recommend GCR

08/01/2016 - Surf Master by the Sea 1208
Owner Services

Garden City Realty always assists us in a very timely basis in regards to the upkeep and rental of our condo.  Their advice in connecting us with an excellent designer/contractor for updating our unit has yielded a much more “coastal” atmosphere.  This refreshing has significantly improved rental bookings ($40,000+ in gross rental income in 2016) and enhanced the vacation experience for our guest.  We are very pleased with the many years of working with the team at Garden City Realty and happy to recommend their services to all.

We are pleased to be part of GCR at Surfmaster

06/01/2016 - Surf Master by the Sea 106
Owner Services

Our experience with Garden City Realty at Surfmaster has been outstanding.  Drew McElveen's management skills are nothing less than spectacular.   Any time we visit our condo it is always clean and meticulous. Garden City's maid service under the direction of Vicky Cooper gives so much attention to detail.  We are pleased to be part of GCR at Surfmaster.

What a treasure it has been to work with Garden City Realty

05/01/2016 - Surf Master by the Sea 806
Owner Services

What a treasure it has been to work with Garden City Realty.  We have had the pleasure of working with the company since we purchased in Surf Master in the year 2009.  Since that day, the staff has gone out of their way to make sure our guests stay happy and the condo is taken care of.  Though life circumstances have changed over the years, the staff at Garden City Realty has remained consistent and reliable.  We are thankful for our relationship with them and hope to continue doing business for many years to come.

Extended family, always there for me

12/13/2015 - cape Cobb
Owner Services

I appreciate Garden City Realty because they are like an extended family- always there whenever needed.

We are thrilled with our GCR partnership!

10/01/2015 - Surf Master by the Sea 903
Owner Services

We have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Garden City Realty for one year now... No other company treated us with genuine interest, attention, thoroughness, and professionalism.   We are happy with their knowledge and trust them to manage our property.  After only one year with GCR, our revenues from rentals exceeded the prior year by over 30%.  We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Garden City Realty.

I would definitely recommend Garden City Realty

10/01/2015 - Surf Master by the Sea 410
Owner Services

I purchased an oceanfront condo at Surf Master in June of this year.  I live out of state and it was a big concern for me to know that my property was in good hands.  Garden City Management has an on-site staff at Surf Master that does a great job and that was one of the big reasons for my decision to choose them.  I would definitely recommend Garden City Realty to manage and take care of your property.  I have been very satisfied with the response to any concerns and the property has been rented every week since the first week we purchased up to the first week of Oct.

We couldn't ask for a better team!

10/01/2015 - Surf Master by the Sea 705
Owner Services

As first-time owners of beach property, the staff at Garden City Realty has eased all of our concerns about renting our property. From purchase to ownership the staff has gone out of their way to make sure we were taken care of.  The onsite staff is professional and very friendly.  They address our guests concerns, promptly take care of any needed repairs and manage our property as if it were their own.  We are grateful to have Garden City Realty taking care of us and our property.  We couldn't ask for a better team and cannot thank them enough.

Long-term relationship, couldn't be happier

09/23/2014 - Metzler
Owner Services

I have been with Garden City Realty since 1983 when I purchased my first beach house in South Carolina. I would have no one else look after my home and I have many times been approached by other realty companies in the area. Garden City Realty provides me with good renters and the maintenance department looks after the house as if it were their own. I could not be any happier, even after 17 years.

You can't think of the beach without thinking of Garden City Realty

08/17/2014 - Compass Rose, Unit 22
Owner Services

When you think of Garden City Beach, Garden City Realty comes to mind. Garden City Realty grew up with Garden City Beach and have done a fabulous job of helping the area become a favorite place to visit for years. They are up to date and always handle everything with ease and satisfaction. They are like family.

Through the years, GCR has always been there for us

03/14/2013 - Jennings Cottage
Owner Services

As soon as Garden City Realty opened for business close to forty years (fourty-five) ago, we put our vacation home with them with regards to summer rentals and all that entails. Through these many years, we have been more than pleased with our choice. They promptly address any concerns we have about our property and we feel they are responsive to our needs. We highly recommend Garden City Realty and we believe they will do all they can to see that your home is properly cared for and that it is rented as much as possible.

My first choice since 2005

02/05/2013 - Southern Breeze
Owner Services

I purchased my house in February 2005 and have been working with Garden City Realty since that time. After I hired GCR as my property manager, all worries and headaches about marketing the property, tenancy matters and repairs were history. GCR’s management service has been excellent and they are always very responsive. I believe they are the premier property management company in the area; they were my first choice and continue to be my first choice.

My suggestion: Don’t buy an investment property in the Surfside Beach area unless you consider GCR as your local property manager.

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