New Year, New You

New Year, New You Hello 2016!I waited a few weeks before writing about what everyone has been discussing – New Year’s resolutions. Now that you’ve broken half of them, it’s time to get back on track.We all need a nice, fresh start to look forward to. This is the time when everyone makes (and breaks) their resolutions. Perhaps the resolutions… Read More “New Year, New You”
       Thanksgiving Day is celebrated throughout the United States each year on the fourth Thursday of November. Historically, Thanksgiving has been a tradition and celebration of the blessings of the year. The “Holiday Season” begins with Thanksgiving.       The most common attribute to this great holiday is of course the food. Families and friends gather at the… Read More “”

City Style and Living Magazine Blog: 48 WAYS MYRTLE BEACH WILL CAPTURE YOUR SENSES

City Style and Living Magazine The sights and tastes of the Grand Strand keeps you coming back year after year. Take a look at all of the beautiful things to see and EAT from North Myrtle Beach on down to Georgetown.  City Style and Living Magazine Blog: 48 WAYS MYRTLE BEACH WILL CAPTURE YOUR SENSES: The South Carolina flag in… Read More “City Style and Living Magazine Blog: 48 WAYS MYRTLE BEACH WILL CAPTURE YOUR SENSES”

60 More Days of Summer

Welcome Back! All Roads Open and Lead to Myrtle Beach, S.C. Myrtle Beach Area Welcomes Visitors With Open Roads, Sunshine MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – While national and regional media coverage regarding the recent storms and floods quickly created questions and concerns from visitors, the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce immediately implemented a plan to address concerns and reassure travelers… Read More “60 More Days of Summer”

Garden City Realty, Inc. welcomes REALTOR, Watson Felder

Press release: Garden City Beach, SC – September 29, 2015 – Garden City Realty, Inc., a full-service real estate firm, announced that REALTOR Watson Felder has joined the sales team.   “I’ve been fortunate to have worked on transactions with Watson in the past and was impressed by his exemplary skills and real estate ethics. Watson’s personality and demeanor is… Read More “Garden City Realty, Inc. welcomes REALTOR, Watson Felder”

Happy Fall, Y’all

Happy Fall, Y’all…The leaves are changing color, the air is cool and brisk and the smell of pumpkin-flavored everything is all around us. Fall is here, people!Fall is a perfect season to visit the beach. It’s not too hot and not too crowded. And if you are as frugal as I am, you will appreciate the low prices that are… Read More “Happy Fall, Y’all”

Summer May Be Ending, But It’s Never Too Late to Start Your Vacation

Summer Isn’t Over Yet…As we approach the middle of August, school is starting back up and some are returning to work. Summer sure does seem to fly past us and some may think they didn’t have enough time to enjoy the vacation they hoped and planned for. Here’s the thing – it’s not too late.Life can get in the way,… Read More “Summer May Be Ending, But It’s Never Too Late to Start Your Vacation”


VRBO – Vacation Rental By Owner Facts you need to know… Have you been thinking about marketing your own property on VRBO®, HomeAway® or Craigslist®?  Have you thought about booking your own summer vacation through either of these sites?  Over the course of last year, I have received dozens of questions regarding these two topics: the risks and rewards of… Read More “VRBO”

Mini-Golf at the Beach

Vacationing and golf go hand-in-hand when visiting the Myrtle Beach area.  Known for its award winning golf courses, South Carolina’s “grand strand” is a popular destination for beach go-ers, restaurant connoisseurs, and avid golf players. While everyone has the capability of going to restaurants and the beach, not everyone has the ability to play a round of golf.  Fortunately, the… Read More “Mini-Golf at the Beach”

Pluff Mud: Gotta Love it

Pluff Mud: Gotta Love it By William Hewitt You know that smelly, gooey, dark mush that you always try to avoid? No, not your mother-in-law’s cooking. I’m talking of course about the slick matter that molds the geographical shape of its ecosystem and keeps it nutritionally balanced: pluff mud.  All low-country locals know of it, smell it, and oddly enough have even tasted it.… Read More “Pluff Mud: Gotta Love it”