If you’re missing the calming lull of ocean waves, think about taking a ride out into the Atlantic on a dolphin tour! With some companies continuing into the winter months, there are various options to take the family on a fun, educational day trip—or to just start planning ahead for 2020! Most dolphin tours glide through the coastal waterways in… Read More “Dolphins”


As winter slowly approaches and steals away our beach days, we may want to hold onto the things that remind us of those warm afternoons in the sun. One way to do this is to bring the beach inside—minus the sand. And so, we turn to decorate with seashells, a wonderfully nautical, and cheap solution to our winter blues. Displaying… Read More “Seashells”

Why you should consider travel insurance for your next vacation

For what it’s worth, travel insurance is a relatively inexpensive cost for peace of mind Planning a beach vacation is fun! We make our list of clothes (and swimsuits) to pack, attractions to visit, restaurants to go for dinner, all while anticipating the relaxing sounds of the ocean and enjoyment to come. You might think the two biggest decisions you… Read More “Why you should consider travel insurance for your next vacation”