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Why should Garden City Realty manage my vacation rental property?

Garden City Realty offers our owners property services beyond any competition. We are able to provide our owners with housekeeping & inspections, maintenance & general repairs as well as Internet support & personal assistance. Vacation Specialists are available during business hours Monday-Sunday to assist all inquiries and ensure your rental property is booked efficiently and handle any guest issues that may arise.  In addition, guests can book their reservation online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our office location is not only highly visible but is extremely convenient to guests/vendor arriving to Garden City Beach to visit or service your property.  Since we have been in business since 1973, Garden City Realty offers longevity and an incredible Owner Services team with combined experience exceeding a century within the industry. 

Our Marketing Department is consistently looking for new ways to market your property to potential new guests as well as continue to build relationships with families who have been vacationing through Garden City Realty for generations. With our strong team, Garden City Realty continues to provide the best service for maximizing your rental potential.

List your property with Garden City Realty.

What services can Garden City Realty offer to my vacation property?

We would love to add your vacation rental property to our successful property management program. As your Owner Representative we are your primary contact and your communications link, we are responsible for representing your best interests in all operations and decisions affecting your property – your eyes and ears within Garden City Realty.  We are there to assist with whatever we can to ensure your property is at its best, including, but not limited to the list below: